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Why Supernatural Fans Are Divided Over The Idea Of A Reboot

It's hard to believe only a few years have passed since "Supernatural" ended. But that's a testament to the series' astonishingly long run on TV. With the show a WB and later CW mainstay for 15 years, we'd become so used to seeing Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester drive off in their iconic Chevy Impala for another adventure. Created by Eric Kripke, the horror-fantasy series about the two monster-hunting brothers finally ended in 2020. Fortunately, anyone craving more stories about the Winchester family is in for a treat this upcoming October. The CW is slated to premiere "The Winchesters," a spin-off series about Sam and Dean's parents, John Winchester (Drake Rodger) and Mary (Meg Donnelly).

The prequel should open up more about the strange world and lineage of the Winchesters, but it may also spark some interest in revisiting the original series. Of course, "Supernatural" is only a Netflix login away or easily viewable through constant reruns on TNT. But what if the series experienced a new return? After all, reboots of beloved shows are a regular occurrence. Even Padalecki is part of one, thanks to his lead role in "Walker." Fans of the series on Reddit have discussed the possibility of a "Supernatural" reboot. However, the idea has many of them divided.

Some fans feel an HBO reboot could be a worthy R-rated successor

One Reddit post about a possible reboot of "Supernatural" presents the option of the series returning as an HBO-style show. "Supernatural" was a dark series that often pushed quite a few boundaries on The CW. The violence could get intense, but never to the point where it shredded its TV-14 rating. As some fans noted, an HBO reboot of the series with a bigger budget than its initial run is at least an intriguing prospect if done right. Yet, that version of the show wouldn't need to go full-on with the sex and violence. U/FTWinchester posted, "The swearing and the budget for monsters would be the only draw for me. I think the sex and violence scenes we had were enough because they served the story. Gratuitous sex and violence can hamper a story or derail the tone of the show."

The quality of writing increasing is another possibility that hooks some fans on the idea. And honestly, that's a fair point. In its earlier seasons, the storytelling on "Supernatural" is what helped the series win so many fans over in the first place. Sam and Dean's battles with monsters and demons and saving the world could feel like high stakes. But after multiple deaths with its two lead characters, some baffling plot twists, and a series conclusion that left so many fans split, a reboot could be a way to rectify the problems of the original series. We could potentially have a leaner and meaner "Supernatural," with a better-handled story and monsters that truly look terrifying.

Other fans are okay with Supernatural never returning

While some champion a return for the Winchester brothers, other fans are okay with "Supernatural" not going the reboot route. As some fans highlighted in another Reddit post, given the ending of the series, making a new story after the original could be challenging. Besides, 15 seasons is a lot of time to spend with the sibling duo. At this point, we have to wonder, what new ground could they travel after battling both the forces of heaven and hell multiple times? "Best we lay 'Supernatural' [to] rest, we have 15 seasons of rewatching material if you're really kicking for some 'Supernatural,'" u/Talonqr posted in another Reddit thread about the reboot idea.

Still, while some fans are okay with the story of Sam and Dean staying done, they are also open to other possible spin-offs detailing the series' many other characters and dense story history. Sam and Dean have encountered plenty of other demon slayers and monster hunters who deserve their own spotlight. And for what it's worth, Jensen Ackles told CinePOP (via CBR) in July 2022 that he believes he and Jared Padalecki would at least consider the idea of a reboot in the future. 

With "The Winchesters" serving as the first official spin-off to get off the ground, we could be on the brink of seeing more of the "Supernatural" universe explored beyond Sam and Dean's eyes. We should at least get some welcome returns in "The Winchesters."