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Superbad's Inept Cops Were Actually Based On Seth Rogen's Terrifying Real-Life Experience

Since its release in 2007, "Superbad" has gone on to become one of the most iconic teen comedies of its generation. So much so, that Christopher Mintz-Plasse can't walk down the street without someone referring to him as McLovin', as he recently pointed out on Twitter. Of course, that's to be expected when one is part of such an iconic piece of pop culture history.

"Superbad" centers around the hilarious misadventures of best friends Evan (Michael Cera) and Seth (Jonah Hill), two high school students who are tasked with purchasing alcohol for the girls with whom they hope to hook up. Joining them for the ride is none other than Mintz-Plasse's aforementioned character, who ends up having his own adventure after trying to purchase booze from a store that attracts an armed robber. 

When the cops (played by Seth Rogan and Bill Hader) arrive to investigate the robbery, McLovin' assumes that he's going to jail for trying to buy alcohol. However, the officers decide to take him on a ride-along instead, resulting in a night that the teenager will never forget. What's more surprising, though, is the fact that the cops were inspired by real-life law enforcement.

The real-life cop who inspired Superbad makes his fictional counterparts seem competent

The cops in "Superbad" are unorthodox, even for the standard of police officers in raunchy Hollywood comedies. They like drinking on the job and take great delight in busting house parties while jamming to old-school hip hop. That said, they seem more fun to hang out with than the real-life cop who inspired their creation.

During a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Seth Rogen revealed that he and Bill Hader shadowed an officer while conducting research for the movie. Unfortunately, it was a "terrifying" experience as the cop in question was an incompetent loose cannon. "A lot of the attitude honestly that we had in the movie was based off of this guy," Rogen explained.

But what made him so problematic? Well, it turns out that he enjoyed rubbing people the wrong way. "He didn't seem to give a f*** about anything," Rogen continued. "He was antagonizing people, bothering people. He saw it as funny. Everything we do in the movie was within the capabilities of how this guy we went on a ride-along with would potentially act."