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NCIS Star Jennifer Esposito's Brutally Bleak Thoughts On Acting

"NCIS" is moving toward Season 20 this fall (via Twitter). Even with beloved character exits, like Mark Harmon's Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Michael Weatherly's Anthony DiNozzo, Pauley Perrette's Abby Sciuto, and Cote de Pablo's Ziva David — the fanbase is still there (via TV Insider). Like any television series that runs for this many seasons, character exits are common as the main cast has contracts that end. Many often want to explore a different project after doing the same thing for years. This has meant a lot of changeups in the Major Case Response Team for "NCIS."

Lauren Holly played Jenny Shepard for three seasons, and Emily Wickersham stayed on as Eleanor Bishop from Season 11 to Season 18. Even Sasha Alexander, who notably portrayed the character of Caitlin Todd, was killed at the end of Season 2. However, the Season 14 addition of Alexandra Quinn saw (Jennifer Esposito) leave "NCIS" after only one season. Although Espositio would explain that she wasn't supposed to be there for long and enjoyed her experience, rumors did circulate that the death of showrunner Gary Glasberg had something to do with it (via Nicki Swift).

Esposito is an experienced actress aside from "NCIS," known for her work in "Spin City," "The Affair," and "Awkwafina is Nora from Queens" (via IMDb). However, her thoughts about acting are surprisingly brutal and bleak.

Jennifer Esposito feels that acting is often incredibly self-obsessed

According to a 2019 interview that Jennifer Esposito had with PowerwomenTV, she feels that acting is a less creative endeavor than she thought and a very self-obsessive job. Esposito said, "I often question, 'what the hell am I doing?'" She would further explain that her experience with acting and the entertainment industry is heavily appearance-focused and self-centered. According to her, there's a heightened emphasis on makeup, hair, and clothing, and Esposito feels that she had no other option to get in line with that environment to be successful. "And I was pushed into, you know ... not pushed, but you have to go down that road. That's just what the business has become."

Esposito then confessed that she often feels unfulfilled in many roles that she takes on, with only a few allowing her to have a creative experience. Esposito still acts in roles today — likely ones that leave her fulfilled. She recently appeared on Amazon's "The Boys" as Susan Raynor and has reportedly finished filming her project, "Fresh Kills" (via Deadline).