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Blue Bloods Fans Point Out A Distracting Error In Season 7

As one of the longest-running police procedural dramas on television, CBS's "Blue Bloods" has spent many years strengthening the relationships of the characters, even when fans can't seem to agree if they want certain relationships developed. They've spent years perfecting the style and sequences of the show, deciding what stories to go with and which characters to focus on in the current episode. But just like any other show that relies on a large crew and many people communicating to get things right, there are going to be errors and blunders.

When it's a distracting error made by a crew or cast member, it can take the viewer out of the moment if the mistake is too glaring. Such was the case with "Game of Thrones" and the infamous coffee cup debacle from Season 8. The chatter from the mistake got so loud that HBO finally edited the cup out of the episode completely. Other mistakes, such as in Season 6 of "Two and a Half Men," when Charlie Sheen was talking on an upside-down iPhone, are small enough that viewers have a chuckle and move on. Such was the case with a certain episode in Season 7 of "Blue Bloods."

Red T-Mark noticed on the floor in front of Anthony

In Season 7, Episode 7 ("Guilt by Association") of "Blue Bloods," Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) is talking to Miranda Gibbs (Ta'Rea Campbell), a potential witness to a murder, while Anthony (Steve Schirripa) looks on. As they discuss what Miranda saw, she lets it slip she not only saw the shooter, but she knows what kind of gun was used — because she has the same kind. Unfortunately, she doesn't have a permit for her gun, so her testimony can't be used. As they end their meeting and Miranda gets up to leave, a viewer notices something on the floor: "Just as Miranda says she's starving and stands up, the red T-mark is visible on the floor in front of Anthony's feet" (via Express UK). The mark would be either for Schirripa to know where to stand or for the camera to know where to focus.

Errors such as this seem to be extremely rare on "Blue Bloods," but it shows that any show, no matter how meticulous and precise the crew can be, can still occasionally make a mistake or miss something. Luckily this mistake doesn't seem to have been noticed by too many viewers.