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The Two Bob's Burgers Characters You Likely Didn't Know The Rehearsal's Nathan Fielder Played

Nathan Fielder has one of the most enviable resumes in Hollywood. He has written for acclaimed series, racked up executive producer credits, and graduated from one of Canada's top business schools with really good grades. With the help of his comedic background and unrivaled business acumen, he launched the Comedy Central series "Nathan for You" in 2013. The show ran for four seasons and, in 2021, earned a spot in The New York Times' 21 best TV comedies of the 21st century. This year Fielder released his first major follow-up, HBO's docu-comedy "The Rehearsal," to outstanding acclaim.

When he's not busy with his own shows, Fielder has lent his talents to various other projects, whether it is executive producing "How To with John Wilson," appearing in films like "The Disaster Artist," or showcasing his voice acting abilities (via IMDb). Here are two characters that Fielder voiced on another insanely popular comedy series — "Bob's Burgers."

Nathan Fielder's deadpan rivals Tina Belcher's -- twice

Nathan Fielder has appeared twice in "Bob's Burgers," both times in scenes opposite Tina Belcher (Dan Mintz), allowing ample time for the characters to best each other's monotone, bone-dry delivery. Fielder first appeared in the Season 2 episode "Beefsquatch" in 2012 (via IMDb). Fielder played a fanboy named Nathan, who has an uncomfortable obsession with a local news show host. He asks Tina to be his girlfriend, but it is a ruse to get closer to Pam (Samantha Bee).

When Fielder returned in the Season 6 episode "The Land Ship," he similarly played a boy vying for Tina's affection, though this time it's more genuine (via IMDb). Jordan, with his zest for life and flare for graffiti, is certainly less creepy than Nathan. Still, he's an awful kisser, and the relationship fizzles by the episode's end.

Fielder is one of many celebrities to guest star on "Bob's Burgers," but he's an especially appropriate candidate to appear twice. Fielder had previously collaborated with "Bob's Burgers" star H. Jon Benjamin on his series "Jon Benjamin Has a Van," in which Fielder performed and served as a consulting writer. Dan Mintz also worked alongside Fielder as a writer on "Nathan For You" (via IMDb). Though the "Nathan For You" star has made his career faux-bungling efficiency and synergy, the real-life Fielder is a pro. "He ended up doing a better job at consolidating that," Benjamin told Cultured Mag about their similar styles of TV comedy. "He made it simpler. We were a little bit all over the place, which is kind of like me."