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Fans Of Robert De Niro Gangster Movies Just Got Exciting News

Robert De Niro has been active in the entertainment industry for well over 50 years and he shows no signs of stopping. In 2019, he had a small role in Todd Phillips' "Joker" and co-starred in Netflix's "The Irishman," which was directed by the legendary Martin Scorsese and also featured actors like Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Harvey Keitel, and Ray Romano, among others. Not only was "The Irishman" a critical hit that scored 10 Oscar nominations, but the movie saw De Niro returning to the gangster film genre, which was arguably instrumental in the actor's rise to stardom. 

De Niro's first Oscar nomination and win came for his performance in "The Godfather Part II," and the actor has also put in notable performances in mob-based movies like "Goodfellas," "Casino," and "A Bronx Tale." De Niro has several upcoming movies in development, including a reunion with Scorsese for the hotly-anticipated "Killers of the Flower Moon" and a recently announced project that will see him once again return to the gangster movie genre. 

Robert De Niro is set to star in Wise Guys

According to a recent report from The Hollywood Reporter, Robert De Niro will return to gangster movies with "Wise Guys." According to THR, the film is about Vito Genovese and Frank Costello, two real-life mob bosses who had a famous clash in the middle of the 20th century. Among the many intriguing details of "Wise Guys" is the fact that not only is Barry Levinson of "Rain Man" fame set to direct, but Nicholas Pileggi, the man behind the book that "Goodfellas" was based on, is the screenwriter. And per THR's reporting, De Niro is apparently slated to play both Genovese and Costello. That certainly makes for a unique twist on the genre. 

This is likely to be great news for any fans of De Niro's gangster movies. As of the time of writing, no additional cast or a release window for "Wise Guys" has been announced. However, it is sure to be a project that many will be keeping a close eye on as it develops.