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Disney Is Readying A Big Thunder Mountain Feature Helmed By Some Serious Marvel Talents

Hey, it worked for "Pirates of the Caribbean." 

That film was such a huge success — it spawned a successful series of films, made an icon out of Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), and continues to inspire talk of reboots and sequels. Disney's had mixed results when transferring the rest of its rides into big-screen blockbusters. "Jungle Cruise" was a decently sized hit for the Mouse House (per Box Office Mojo), but "The Haunted Mansion" (which is set for a reboot in 2023), "Mission to Mars,"  "Tomorrowland," and "The Country Bears" have all received mixed reactions at the box office. But Disney — ever-willing and able to spin gold from the straw in its financial portfolio — is looking to turn another of its rides into a big-screen feature film. This time, it's Big Thunder Mountain's turn.

There have been no actors signed to the film yet, and no word on what the movie will entail plot-wise, although it's easy enough to imagine a rip-roaring adventure involving a mining cart race during the California Gold Rush spawning from the ride's premise. More importantly, Disney's scored some big-name talent to head up the movie plucked from the deep, deep pockets of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Bert & Bertie are negotiating to head the film

Per Deadline, Bert & Bertie — who directed a large number of "Hawkeye" episodes for Disney+, including much of its middle stretch — are currently negotiating to head up "Big Thunder Mountain" for Disney. The directing team, which is comprised of Amber Templemore-Finlayson and Katie Ellwood, are otherwise best known for their work on HBO Max's hit series "Our Flag Means Death." They have also directed episodes of Showtime's "Kidding" and Hulu's "The Great." On the feature-length side of things, they've worked on the films "Dance Camp" for YouTube Red and "Troop Zero" for Amazon Prime.

Other members of the movie's staff have already been signed. Kieran and Michele Mulroney — who share credits on PBS' "Wishbone" and the 2017 version of "Power Rangers" — will write the film's script. LuckyChap Entertainment and Scott Free will produce it. Keep your eyes peeled to find out who lands a starring role in the movie and takes a trip on the wildest ride in the wilderness.