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The Witcher Character That Fans Can't Get Enough Of

"The Witcher" is full of dynamic, compelling, sometimes-hilarious characters who keep viewers coming back for each episode. Of course, many fans love Geralt (Henry Cavill) the most, because he is the center of the show and he is a complex, entertaining character. 

However, many fans appreciate certain supporting characters on "The Witcher" just as much. For example, Yennefer (Anya Chalotra) was the best character in "The Witcher" Season 2 according to 20% of fans. During Season 2, Yennefer is temporarily unable to use her magic, which is hugely frustrating for her after how hard she worked to develop it. Yennefer has to encounter the darkest parts of herself, make mistakes, and learn from them before she is able to get her powers back. This makes for a compelling side plot where fans get to see a unique character develop morally, intellectually, and in terms of magic. 

Other "The Witcher" characters who fans might favor include Triss Merigold (Anna Shaffer) and Ciri (Freya Allan). Both of them are good, moral people despite living in a morally chaotic setting. At least, they both try to do the right thing where possible, while navigating a matrix of choices where there is not always a great or harmless option. This provides a much-needed moral anchor on a show where people often behave badly. 

There is another character who fans simply love, for different reasons than those listed above. This is a strength of "The Witcher:" all the characters are entertaining for unique reasons. 

Fans think Calanthe is incredible

Fans loved Queen Calanthe, Lioness of Cintra and grandmother to Ciri, for lots of reasons. In a list of characters from "The Witcher" ranked based on fierceness, she came in first place. Although she was an ordinary human and not supernatural, Calanthe had amazing battle skills, an aggressive attitude, and a relentless drive that seemed to enable her to accomplish anything she attempted. She would do anything for her family, being fiercely devoted to them. She was easy and fun to root for because she was so good at getting things done, and all the more impressive because she accomplished her goals even without supernatural abilities.

After Redditor u/potatosandgravel posted a meme of Calanthe being awesome and received over 5,000 upvotes, u/westgot argued that not only was the character well-written, but Jodhi May did a wonderful job portraying her. u/westgot feels that everything about Calanthe was done well, from her "likable, funny, and confident side" to her "malicious, egoistic side." The complexity of her character was certainly effective: it kept fans drawn to her because they could not predict exactly how she would act, yet her choices always seemed to add up once she made them. 

u/IAmTheHerald added, "Jodhi May is a scene-stealer and I'm completely fine with that." Calanthe certainly stood up to anyone she wanted and did not tolerate any sort of bullying or intimidation.