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The Major Last Man Standing Prop That Actually Belongs To Tim Allen

Fox's beloved family sitcom "Last Man Standing" (which ran on ABC up until the series' seventh season) follows the story of Mike Baxter (Tim Allen): executive of a sporting goods store in Colorado, and the titular "last man standing" in a household that includes his wife and three daughters. The series itself primarily derives its comedy from Mike's inability to fit in with the woman-led household, as he frequently manages to upset or enrage his teenage daughters and wife through his archaic family values and emphasis on traditional masculinity.

A self-described "man's man" through and through, Mike is extremely enthusiastic about traditionally masculine activities like fishing and hunting, and frequently vocalizes his disappointment in how sensitive modern men have become. He is also incredibly vocal about his conservative views –- a trait which he appears to share with Tim Allen himself, who infamously stirred up controversy by comparing the alleged persecution of conservative Americans to 1930s Germany (per The Guardian), and whom Hollywood seems to cast less and less these days. Outside of these elements, though, there are actually quite a few parallels one can draw between Tim Allen and the fictitious Mike Baxter, including the fact that Allen actually owns one of Mike's most beloved props from the series.

Mike's iconic green truck actually belongs to Tim Allen

Keeping in line with Mike Baxter's consistent emphasis on traditional manliness, it's no surprise that the character is utterly obsessed with cars –- and loves his vintage green 1956 Ford F-100 more than any other car in the world. Indeed, Mike's beloved truck is so crucial to the series that the entire series finale is devoted to a storyline wherein the truck is stolen — a thinly-veiled metaphor for the show's cancellation, filled with various in-jokes about the cast's disappointment in the series' ending.

As it happens, Mike's iconic green truck actually belongs to Tim Allen himself. Following the final season of "Last Man Standing," Allen tweeted out a photo of the truck in his personal garage, saying: "And my truck leaves after so many years in this home to it's old home in my car shop." 

The knowledge that such a crucial prop from the series actually belongs to Tim Allen will no doubt delight longtime "Last Man Standing" fans, especially since Allen's tweet implies that he actually owned the truck before the series even began. If anything, this revelation further emphasizes just how similar Allen is to his on-screen counterpart Mike Baxter, and gives a bit more weight to the heartfelt series finale in which Mike has to say goodbye to the truck that he loves so much.