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Why Some Seinfeld Fans Think Babu Was Too Hard On Jerry

It's been more than two decades since sitcom fans said goodbye to our four favorite New Yorkers. However, online discussions about the many "Seinfeld" plot lines and characters continue to this day. With the show's immense popularity, quality, and never-ending reruns, that's certainly no surprise. Of course, in addition to the four central characters, the show's wide array of colorful and interesting side characters were also essential to its success. 

One of these memorable characters goes by the name of Babu (Brian George), who appears in the main plot lines of two episodes: Season 3, Episode 7 ("The Cafe") and Season 4, Episode 15 ("The Visa"). Babu is a Pakistani immigrant trying to make it in New York as a restaurant owner. However, in "The Cafe," it quickly becomes clear that things aren't going very well for him. In fact, he has no customers at all. But after Jerry Seinfeld tries the restaurant, he feels sympathy for Babu and suggests that he exclusively serve Pakistani food in order for the establishment to stand out. In typical "Seinfeld" fashion, things don't go as planned. In fact, the restaurant fails and Babu is forced to close his business.  

Jerry's sympathy is present again in "The Visa," as he helps Babu get a room in his building, as well as a job. But when immigration-renewal papers end up in Jerry's mailbox by accident, Babu is arrested and eventually deported back to Pakistan, officially crushing his dream of making it in America. After he is deported, Babu blames Jerry for the unfortunate turn of events, now exclaiming that his former friend is a "very bad man." In a recent Reddit thread, fans asked a straightforward question: Is it really all Jerry's fault?

Fans think Babu shouldn't have blamed Jerry

When Jerry decides to help Pakistani immigrant Babu with his restaurant, it comes from a place of good intentions. However, Jerry's business suggestions aren't very well thought out and majorly backfire. Sometime later, Jerry once again attempts to help Babu, finding him a place to live and getting him a job. An honest mistake of misplaced mail leads to Babu's eventual deportation. In both cases, Babu places all the blame on Jerry, but some "Seinfeld" fans have issues with these reactions. 

We've previously noted that the entire Babu storyline is one of the more questionable things we ignore in "Seinfeld," but these fans took particular issue with the storyline. There are some who think Babu is too hard on Jerry, who is clearly just trying to help him. "Babu is a complete jerk ... Jerry didn't make him switch his restaurant, he offered a suggestion which I agreed with," commented u/TheGoat786. Others agreed this wasn't Jerry's fault. In one comment, u/hontytonkrutabaga wrote, "At least the idea that Jerry gave him was coherent, and it didn't make things in the cafe any worse."

With his eventual deportation, some fans think Babu should have taken responsibility for his own failures. "Babu's downfall was facilitated by his indecisiveness and reluctance to accept responsibility over his own life," pointed out u/randy-pan. Others agreed that Babu's anger was misguided. In another reply, u/RoseareFree23 commented about this improper response by writing, "I've always thought the reaction was a bit much." 

As if his harshness toward Jerry wasn't enough, the troubled Babu makes a return appearance in the series finale, Season 9, Episode 22 ("The Finale"), where he actually testifies against Jerry during his criminal trial. Harsh, Babu, harsh!