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Parks And Recreation Bloopers That Make Us Love Adam Scott And Aziz Ansari Even More

Although "Parks and Recreation" is chock-full of unexpected friendships and conflicting personalities, it's still somehow hard to believe that lovable straight man Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) and eccentric narcissist Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari) end up forming an extremely close bond throughout the series. Their friendship begins in earnest during Season 4, when Tom invites Ben to help manage the budget of the lavish media conglomerate Entertainment 720. It only grows later in the season when Tom and Donna Meagle (Retta) take Ben on a spending trip during their annual "Treat Yo' Self" holiday.

As time goes on, the two form a mutual respect for one another and eventually become proper friends — despite the fact that Tom consistently mocks Ben for his bad taste in clothing and Ben frequently criticizes Tom's excessive spending habits. Perhaps the best example of just how much the two men care for each other comes during one particularly hilarious moment in Season 7, Episode 1, where Tom reads a speech meant to introduce Ben at an awards ceremony. The speech begins, "I've known a lot of ballers in my day, but no man balls harder than the man I'm about to bring up. He's kind, he's intelligent, he's a person I'm deeply proud to call my friend." The speech quickly falls off as both men start crying and hugging each other.

There's no doubt that Ben and Tom, despite their differences, make up one of the best duos in the entire series — and there's even a specific set of bloopers that show Scott and Ansari to be just as hilarious behind the camera as they are in front of it.

Neither actor could stop laughing during the Joan Callamezzo lunch scene

The bloopers in question come from a scene in the Season 4 episode "Born and Raised," wherein Ben Wyatt and Tom Haverford take local television personality Joan Callamezzo (Mo Collins) out to lunch. Joan ends up getting incredibly drunk during their short meal, and at one point stumbles away saying, "I'm gonna go powder my nose, amongst other things ... if you know what I mean."

In response, Ben frowns and asks (fully serious), "Is she gonna powder her vagina?" Although this response did make it into the final episode, we're not quite sure how as the bloopers from this scene show that both Scott and Ansari simply could not stop laughing whenever Scott leaned in to deliver his line. In fact, there are a few takes where both actors break down before Scott can even get the words out, laughing hysterically as Joan walks away from the table.

These specific bloopers are absolutely hilarious, mainly because of how neither Scott nor Ansari can seem to compose themselves and stop laughing, but also because of how absurd and blunt the line itself actually is. There's something undeniably endearing about watching the two actors have the time of their lives just trying to say a single line, and there's no question that these bloopers make us love Adam Scott and Aziz Ansari even more than we already did.