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Rings Of Power's Lloyd Owens Feeds Fans A Little Tease About Elendil's Sword

Ready to journey back into the heart of Middle Earth? "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power" is an Amazon Prime series that will plunge viewers deep into J. R. R. Tolkien's lore. The show takes place thousands of years before Bilbo Baggins and his cousin Frodo made their epic quests across the mythical land. It's slated to focus on Middle Earth's Second Age, which includes the forging of the infamous One Ring, a piece of jewelry that imbues its wearer with horrifying powers. 

Elendil, as portrayed by Lloyd Owen, will be a major part of the show's story. Elendil is a dashing sea captain who flees with his family to the apparent safety of Middle Earth after chaos descends on his own realm. Elendil is the one who forges Last Alliance of Men and Elves, but fans of Tolkien's lore know that his story does not go smoothly or end happily. Elendil's fate results in the One Ring being treated like the realm's biggest and hottest potato, making him one of the most important figures in the book series.

Also important: Elendil's iconic weapon, a sword called Narsil with a mythic origin story which is eventually reforged into Aragorn's weapon Andúril. Fans of the book series who are wondering if the weapon will show up on the Amazon Prime show may have just gotten a hint as to its status from Owen himself.

Owen is keeping Narsil's status on the show close to his chest

While speaking with The Times of India in August, Lloyd Owen revealed that his character will have a sword — but he declined to say if it's the famous Narsil, or even if fans will get to see it forged in Season 1. "There is a sword in this season, but I can't tell you whether it is [Narsil] or not," he said. 

What Owens is happy to revel in is his excitement about Elendil's character arc for the show's inaugural outing. "I am so looking forward to how [series co-creators] JD [John D. Payne] and Patrick [McKay] are writing this reluctant hero – a man who doesn't want to lead, who has his head down and is suffering the loss of his wife. This is about how he has to take responsibility. The Tolkienian theme is fate and recognising what your fate is," he said. Owens goes on to explain that Elendil's Season 1 arc is about learning to cope with the fact that what he thought his initial fate was — a peaceful life with his wife and children — has been changed, and that he is now destined for something much grander.

How grand? Fans will find out when Season 1 of "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power" makes its way to Amazon Prime on September 2.