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Are Jensen Ackles And Jared Padalecki From Supernatural Friends In Real Life?

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles could not look more different, but that hasn't stopped them from playing family on television. For 15 years, the two actors appeared as monster-hunting brothers Sam and Dean Winchester on the top-rated CW series "Supernatural." Luckily for them, their extreme height differences do not get in the way of convincingly playing brothers that would — and indeed have — died for each other. Throughout the series, Sam and Dean have confronted crossroad demons, hellhounds, and the devil, all in the name of childhood trauma and making the world a better place. 

"Supernatural" ended the Winchester journey in 2020, forcing fans to say goodbye to their favorite brothers. But after everything that has happened between these characters, is that the end for these two? Without the prolific series to hold them together, many may wonder if the Winchesters will also continue their relationship offscreen.

Ackles and Padalecki instantly bonded during the audition

From the moment that Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki met at the "Supernatural" audition, the two had an instant connection. Both actors were old hat on the WB network at the time — Ackles being on "Smallville" while Padalecki had served many years on "Gilmore Girls." But another thing they had in common was their place of birth. Ackles and Padalecki hailed from the great state of Texas and were both Cowboys fans, as they told one fan at a Q&A. But the two genuinely bonded after realizing they were the only ones who showed up for the "Supernatural" audition.

Both actors confirmed what roles they were going out for and exhibited immense confusion when realizing that no other actors had shown up as their competition. Their chemistry paid off. In all that time, the onscreen brothers only had an altercation once, back in Season 1.

"We got into a really heated argument, and we stomped away from each other," Ackles recollected at an event celebrating their 300th episode (via Bustle). He went on to say: "Shortly after, we came back together and sat down and said, 'Well, if this is going to work, that can't ever happen again.'" And by all accounts, it never did.

The Winchesters are always at each other's weddings

After starring on the same television show for over a decade, you should like your co-star. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki were there for each other on the most important days of their lives. Padalecki married girlfriend Genevieve Cortese in 2010, where Ackles stood in as a groomsman, according to Bustle. Cortese and Padalecki met during Season 4 of "Supernatural" when the former was cast as the divisive character Ruby. Though Sam and Ruby could not resolve their toxic issues, the actors who portrayed them had a more happy ending. For Ackles' wedding to Danneel Harris, Padalecki returned the favor for his friend. But they weren't the only ones to have wedding fun.

The two also attended their television father's wedding, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Morgan played John Winchester throughout Season 1 and reprised his role intermittently throughout the series. During Morgan's wedding to fellow CW star Hilarie Burton, he was joined by Ackles and Padalecki for an extraordinary moment. Morgan posted an image of the three Winchester men getting matching tattoos at the event on his Instagram

"Me and @hilarieburton weren't the only ones joined for life ... @jaredpadalecki @jensenackles and myself will forever have a bond that is both special and permanent. Love you both dearly," Morgan wrote.

Their one Supernatural dust-up has been resolved

The brotherly relationship between Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki mirrors their onscreen dynamic. And like with any fraternal dynamic, that often means that conflicts arise. Everything seemed to be smooth sailing until the conclusion of "Supernatural." But when news that Ackles would be producing a new "Supernatural" series hit, it suddenly became clear that someone was out of the loop. "Supernatural's" prequel "The Winchesters" will be released in time for Halloween and go into detail about the relationship between John and Mary before Sam and Dean came into the picture. Though Padalecki's character would not have been conceived yet, the actor was hurt by being kept in the dark.

"I'm excited to watch but bummed that Sam Winchester had no involvement whatsoever," Padalecki posted on Twitter. This fueled the fire of rumors surrounding the actors and if they had a falling out. Luckily, it was short-lived, and the boys have made up. On Michael Rosenbaum's podcast "Inside of You," Ackles clarified that not telling Padalecki was not meant to exclude him (via MovieWeb). It was just early in the process, so he kept his cards close to the vest. As for Padalecki, all is forgiven. He took to Twitter again to assure fans that he and Ackles were as solid as ever.

"@JensenAckles and I had a great talk, as we do often, and things are good. The show is early in the process with miles to go," Padalecki posted.