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This DC Villain Wants To Play Yet Another Version Of The Joker

Is there any character that's been reimagined more often than the Clown Prince of Crime? There are so many versions of the Joker that their actors would have difficulty fitting in a moderate-sized classroom, and a new one seems to pop up every couple of years or so. Of course, this is somewhat understandable. Given Batman's prevalence in popular culture, it's only natural that his pale nemesis also has far more animated and live-action incarnations than the average comic book villain. Besides, it's not exactly strange that so many actors are interested in the role. What other fictional character allows for portrayals that range from Jared Leto and Cesar Romero's versions to Barry Keoghan's literally hard-to-watch take in that infamous deleted scene from "The Batman?"  

Now, a new actor has expressed interest in playing the character at some point down the line — and he already has plenty of experience when it comes to playing comics bad guys. Here's why this DC villain actor wants to play another version of the Joker.  

Boyd Holbrook is intrigued by the Joker

The Corinthian from Netflix's "Sandman" is one of the creepiest characters in the show — after all, he's a literal nightmare. Boyd Holbrook brings an unquestionable, yet unnerving charm to his portrayal of the villain, who's based on the character of the same name in Neil Gaiman's "Sandman" DC comics.

In an interview with Men's Health, Holbrook revealed that he might be interested to add another, even bigger comics foe in his CV. "I think now that we're talking, The Joker ... that character seems to be endlessly reincarnated in an interesting way," he said. "Sometimes the anchor is fun, but usually those secondary characters are really great to play. There are just more keys on the keyboard."

For now, it seems that Holbrook simply brought up the Joker as a specific example when asked about the kind of role he might be interested in playing. However, with his success as the Corinthian under his belt, as well as his previous supervillain experience playing Pierce in 2017's "Logan," it could be that someone out there is making interested notes upon learning that he might like to explore the Joker, as well.