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The Hilarious Detail You Forgot About Bobby On Sons Of Anarchy

Mark Boone Junior's Bobby Munson is easily one of the most important characters in Kurt Sutter's "Sons of Anarchy." He could be equal parts serious and comedic, and he was one of the few that had the trust of both Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) and Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman) as the pair's warring attitudes slowly tore their club to pieces. 

It makes sense Munson would be so integral to the series, as according to Boone, his face was part of the show before the casting process even fully began. In a 2013 interview, Boone, who has been riding bikes since he was 11, revealed that the show's casting director, Wendy O'Brien, brought an image of him in for her own audition for the casting director job as an example of who she wanted on the show, and she landed the gig (per AV Club). 

Munson was a trusted advisor, skilled bookkeeper, and much more, but there is one hilariously random detail to his character that some fans likely forgot about. The detail was behind an entire storyline in the pilot, but as the show got darker and darker, it was ultimately pushed to the side, though that didn't stop some from asking for it back. 

Munson was an Elvis impersonator

Bobby Munson had an interesting side gig when he wasn't breaking the law or riding his bike: He was an Elvis impersonator. Bobby explains in the show that he does the gig for side cash, and we actually see the man at work in the pilot episode. He has to miss out on some club business because he has multiple shows booked, but when he arrives at the venue, he finds he's been replaced by "Asian Elvis," someone the club owner says will appeal to the Korean tourists in town. 

This will not stand for Bobby Elvis, so Half-Sack (Johnny Lewis) beats up Asian Elvis, and the episode wraps up with Bobby singing "Only Fools Rush In." As the years went on, we saw less and less of Bobby Elvis. Even before the series finale, Kurt Sutter was being asked by fans about a return of Bobby's performances. At the 2014 Comic Con, Sutter told questioning fans that Bobby was simply too busy with club drama to channel the King before the show wrapped (via Entertainment Weekly). 

It wasn't the only storyline that seemed to get pushed to the side as the show progressed either. There was also Unser's (Dayton Callie) once seemingly terminal cancer that ultimately didn't end the way fans expected based on how the storyline was first pitched on "Sons of Anarchy."