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The Boys' Antony Starr Reveals The Most Bizarre Thing He's Ever Seen On The Show

With three seasons of subversive superhero action under its belt, "The Boys" continues to rank among the most thrillingly original programs of the modern era. It's also arguably one of the wildest rides the pop culture pantheon has ever seen, boasting troves of blockbuster action, bold narrative arcs, and a gonzo cast of characters that the word "singular" doesn't even come close to describing.

Yes, "The Boys" has also delivered some of the more profoundly shocking moments the small screen has ever seen in its brief run. So far as the show pushed the boundaries of decency over the course of three seasons, it's easy enough to imagine one of the narrative tenets set forth by the show's creative team involves a continued upping of the ante in terms of gasp-inducing moments. Indeed, every new season of "The Boys" comes equipped with a veritable onslaught of graphic, gory imagery that simply cannot be unseen. Of course, fans of "The Boys" seem to relish those over-the-top moments the most. Even still, with the blood and bones beginning to pile up, it's getting increasingly difficult for many fans to single out just one as the wildest.      

It seems, however, the choice was not so difficult for series standout Antony Starr, who portrays Homelander on the series. Surprisingly, the most bizarre thing Starr has seen on "The Boys" so far does not involve his own unhinged supe.

An infamous scene from the Season 3 opener is the wildest thing Starr has yet seen on The Boys

As for the scene that shocked Antony Starr most on "The Boys," Starr admitted to Collider it included the incredible shrinking supe known as Termite (Brett Geddes) and his, ahem, invasive sexual encounter in the Season 3 premiere. As he said so eloquently, "I reckon a man shrinking himself down to get inside the eye of a penis, and then sneezing and exploding inside that other man, definitely was something." Starr goes on to admit his reaction to the scripted scene was that it likely went too far. He also claimed that view changed when he watched the episode, "Then, when I saw it, I just laughed ... It didn't even seem dirty to me." 

The actor, who's partaken in no shortage of bizarre moments as Homelander, admitted a level of desensitization may be taking hold after a few years with "The Boys." Starr claimed he's also learned to trust the writers with indelicate scenes because "Every time I see how it turns out, in the end, I'm wrong, and it's worth it." Indeed, in a show that truly knows no bounds when it comes to shocks, such outlandish moments have been elevated to an anarchic art form. It helps, of course, that the show is every bit as bold in its messaging on heady topics like politics, corporate malfeasance, religious extremism, the media, and pop culture. That uncanny mix of shameless pulp, indulgent pop, and piercing intellectualism is partly why Forbes once labeled "The Boys" the best superhero show on TV. And it's why viewers keep coming back for more.