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We Finally Know If Hawkins Will Be In Chicago Fire Season 11

As with any Dick Wolf production, the Season 10 finale episode of "Chicago Fire" was a cliffhanger. The biggest concern at the moment is if Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) survive the attempt on their lives by Thomas Campbell (Eric Slater). We're likely to have more Stellaride in Season 11 as there's been no news about Kinney or Mayo leaving the series, so fans should really be worried about the fate of Hawkami.

The Season 10 finale made it look like things were pretty much over between Violet Mikami (Hanako Greensmith) and Evan Hawkins (Jimmy Nichols). Despite Hawkins being all in, Violet was pulling away, thinking her beau wasn't putting in enough effort during the whole we're-all-gonna-get-fired-because-of-Emma fiasco. The last interaction we see between the duo is when Violet exits Hawkins' car before her last shift at 51. She also gives Gallo (Alberto Rosende) a flirty look at the Stellaride wedding reception, suggesting she might move on from Hawkins in Season 11. Could this be one of those instances when a relationship is killed off between seasons? Will Hawkins appear in Season 11? Well, we finally have some answers, Hawkami stans.

It looks like Evan Hawkins is returning for Chicago Fire Season 11

Hanako Smith has been sharing some behind-the-scenes photos on her Instagram story over the last few weeks, which should put Hawkami fans at ease. The screengrabs (immortalized on Twitter) show Hanako Greensmith with shaving cream on her armpits, while Jimmy Nichols has some on his face. Greensmith captioned the photo, "TV couples who shave together, stay together!!!" The actress also shared a video of Nichols in his full Hawkins uniform on the set of "Chicago Fire" just a few days prior.

Hawkins wearing his normal uniform also suggests he's still in his role as District 7's Paramedic Field Chief. Greensmith's caption about couples who stay together is also quite promising for the duo, who was an instant fan favorite last season. Now that Brettsey is (almost certainly) out of the picture, Hawkami is probably our next best shot at another "Chicago Fire" wedding. We'll find out their relationship status when Season 11 debuts on NBC on September 21.