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Why Jeff The Unicorn From Apple's Luck Sounds So Familiar

"Luck" is the heartwarming new computer-generated animated movie from Apple TV that stars Eva Noblezada as Sam Greenfield, the self-described "unluckiest person in the world." After finding and losing a lucky penny that temporarily changes her fortunes, Sam follows a talking cat named Bob (Simon Pegg) into the Land of Luck, the place where all good and bad luck originates. Along the way she meets a series of fantastical creatures, like Babe the Dragon (Jane Fonda), who can sniff out good and bad luck, and Jeff, a lovesick unicorn who works in facilities management. If you haven't checked out the movie yet, you can read our review of "Luck."

If you did see "Luck," you're probably wondering who voiced Jeff the Unicorn. Maybe you noticed his distinct German accent? That's because Jeff is played by Flula Borg, the German-born comedian, actor, and DJ.

Borg got his start as a "traditional Bavarian 'Schuhplattler' dancer, then moved to Los Angeles to pursue a music career. He started a YouTube channel that quickly became popular for his video logs, or "Flogs" as he calls them (via All American Speakers). Since then, he's had major roles in films and several guest appearances on TV shows. He's also got a prolific voice acting career going, too. Here's where you may know him from.

His big break in the United States was in Pitch Perfect 2

When director Elizabeth Banks and writer Kay Cannon needed a villainous German a cappella troupe to go up against the Barden University Bellas in "Pitch Perfect 2," Flula Borg was a natural choice to play its second-in-command. Borg's role in "Pitch Perfect 2" is Pieter Krämer, subordinate to Das Sound Machine's Kommissar.

Borg was excited to get the role, because it allowed him to use his dancing and singing skills. "My dancing shoes were a little dirty, so I got to polish those off and practice a little bit," as he put it. He credited his YouTube channel and his "weird videos" as the reason why he was offered an audition. His dancing and musical skills got him in the door, but his comedic abilities made him one of the film's breakout performers. He credited Banks with creating a relaxed environment in which he was allowed to have fun and improvise, comparing it with playing in a sandbox (via ScreenSlam).

He played Javelin in The Suicide Squad

In "The Suicide Squad," James Gunn's 2021 sequel to the not-quite-critically acclaimed 2016 film "Suicide Squad," one of the members of the ill-fated anti-hero team is Javelin. He's a former German Olympic athlete who, like his name suggests, used to specialize in the javelin and now uses it to commit crimes.

Honestly, there isn't much to the character beyond that. Before "The Suicide Squad," Javelin had made a handful of appearances in DC Comics, which Borg dutifully studied, but overall Borg didn't have a lot to work with. He still maximized the opportunity.

Borg credited James Gunn's writing as the strength of the character. "Javelin in the film is a sex god," Borg told SlashFilm. "And he is just the sassiest man to walk on two, four, or five legs in the history of all planets, with the exception of the triceratops, as we all know, just a nymphomaniac amongst the dinosaurs."

Thanks to roles like Pieter Krämer and Javelin, Borg is quickly becoming Hollywood's go-to funny German guy of the 2020's.

He's voiced several other animated characters

Borg has also brought his high-energy performing style to the recording booth. His first major voiceover role in a film came in 2017 when he voiced Hans in "Ferdinand." The following year, he recorded the voice for Maybe in "Ralph Breaks the Internet." He had a recurring role as Mega Fat Regular Baby on the "Boss Baby" TV series. In 2020, he played the bearded yodeling troll Dickory in "Trolls: World Tour." Borg's other voiceover credits include "Archer," "Poorly Drawn Lines," "Teen Titans Go!", "Centaurworld," and "Chip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers."

Borg enjoys voiceover work, and his "anything goes" attitude has led to plenty of it. "When you're a German Ziploc bag, you're happy to hold a piece of raw chicken," he told Yahoo. "Anything your container can hold, you should do it. You're a container, so just do whatever will work for the industry. That has always been my strategy. You're a Ziploc bag, just do it."