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Luck - What We Know So Far

Are you ready for a new animated adventure you can watch with the kids? 

Apple TV+ has unleashed scores of content over the last several years, including plenty of animated projects for kids of all ages to enjoy. Most notably, the streaming platform found a great deal of success with 2020's "Wolfwalkers." The 2D animation functioned as a nice throwback to days of old, and it almost gave the film a storybook-like aesthetic. For its next big feature, Apple TV+ is venturing into more modern 3D animation with "Luck."

It's the next project in the pipeline ever since Apple went into business with Skydance Animation. Under the deal, new projects from the studio will go directly to Apple TV+, and after "Luck," audiences can then look forward to another family-friendly adventure with "Spellbound." For the time being, here's what you should know going into "Luck."

What's the release date for Luck?

"Luck" has been in the pipeline for a while. According to an article from Variety back in 2017, the animated feature was originally supposed to come out on March 19, 2021. Naturally, that didn't happen, and it's easy to see why. The COVID-19 pandemic put a damper on most theatrical productions, forcing many of them to get pushed back. Therefore, movies that were supposed to come out in 2020 instead came out primarily in 2021, while all 2021 productions got pushed into 2022. 

That's where "Luck" enters the picture. "Luck" now has a release date scheduled for February 18, 2022 (via Deadline). It will be an Apple TV+ exclusive, so you'll need a subscription to watch it.

Who's in the cast for Luck?

As of this writing, there are two Hollywood heavyweights in the voiceover cast for "Luck." First up is Jane Fonda. She will provide the voice of The Dragon, who Variety describes as an "exuberant CEO of Good Luck and undisputed luckiest ancient being in all the land." Initially, the role was supposed to go to Emma Thompson, but she exited the project when Skydance Animation hired disgraced former CEO of Pixar, John Lasseter (via KPCC). She didn't stop with merely quitting the high-profile project. She also published a letter in the LA Times to voice her concerns about not holding powerful men accountable when they abuse their positions. 

Also joining the cast is Whoopi Goldberg, who can currently be found voicing her opinion on "The View." Goldberg will voice The Captain, who's known as the "tough as nails head of security for the Land of Good Luck" (via The Hollywood Reporter). With this level of talent already associated with the film, it's exciting to see who else will fill out the ranks.

What's the plot of Luck?

As you may have surmised at this point, "Luck" is all about ... well, luck. The official description for the movie states how it follows "the unluckiest girl alive who stumbles upon the never-before-seen world of good and bad luck. She then must join together with magical creatures to uncover a force more powerful than even luck itself" (via Deadline). What is this mystical force mightier than luck? If we had to venture a guess, we'd go with personal perseverance. We honestly don't know at this point, but it'll be interesting to see what the filmmakers come up with for the lively ride.