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Here's Where You Can Watch Grease To Honor Olivia Newton-John

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In the wake of the August 8 death of Olivia Newton-John, fans are looking back on the actress' diverse musical and acting résumé. During her time on the big screen, Newton-John played everyone from a roller-skating demigoddess to a down-on-her-luck bank teller whose romance with a part-time thief determines the fate of humanity itself. With prominent roles in everything from 1980's "Xanadu" to 1983's "Two of a Kind," never let it be said that only one role defined the actress-singer's career when she could do so much.

But no matter how many different roles she took on, for many fans, the crown jewel in Newton-John's acting career remains 1978's "Grease." The classic musical saw her play the wholesome teenager Sandy Olsson, an Australian exchange student who spends her senior year at Rydell High in California. Sandy is shocked to discover her summer crush, Danny Zuko (John Travolta), rules the school as a member of a popular greaser gang called the T-Birds. Sandy and Danny suffer the ups and downs of teenage life while the T-Birds and their girl-gang counterpart, the Pink Ladies, hinder and help the twosome.

If you want to watch this classic film to honor Newton-John's memory, there are multiple ways you can grab a copy of the movie.

There are many ways to watch Grease

If you're looking to stream "Grease," you have two options as of press time. The film is currently available for streaming on Paramount +, or you can watch an edited-for-TV version through ABC.com or Freeform's websites, both of which require cable subscriptions. For the former, you'll need to subscribe to the service, which offers a free seven-day trial. After that trial's up, you will be given the option of continuing your subscription through their $4.99-a-month "Essential" tier or $9.99-a-month "Premium" tier.

If you'd rather rent the film, Google Play, YouTube and Vudu have "Grease" available in standard definition for $2.99. YouTube is also offering an ultra-high-definition copy of the film for rent at $7.99. Apple TV and Amazon Prime have it for $3.99. Purchasing a digital copy of the film to own will set you back to the tune of $12.99 on Vudu or Google Play, and YouTube is also offering the movie for that price in standard definition. Amazon Prime has it for $13.99, but YouTube is the only platform offering the film in ultra high definition for $14.99.

Each option provides fans with a lovely way to memorialize Newton-John and a wonderful way to spend an evening.