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Do Revenge's Latest Trailer Has Maya Hawke Fans All Saying The Same Thing

Dark comedy "Do Revenge" marks Maya Hawke's return to Netflix after "Stranger Things Volume 4," and once again, she's part of a posse that aims to make the world a better place. Director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson's movie teams Hawke with Camila Mendes, whom you might know as Katie from "Dangerous Lies."  The pair plays Eleanor and Drea, two downtrodden teenagers whose lives are disrupted by nasty bullies. To deal with the situation, the decide to join forces to ... well, do revenge. Famous faces like Sophie Turner and "Ms. Marvel" star Rish Shah also star in the movie. 

"Do Revenge" is set to premiere on September 16, and a new trailer has now been released to show what this promising-looking revenge comedy is all about. Hawke's charisma is on full display, which hasn't gone unnoticed by her "Stranger Things" fans. In fact, "Do Revenge's" latest trailer has Maya Hawke fans all saying the same thing. 

Maya Hawke's character kisses a girl, and fans are overjoyed

The newest trailer for "Do Revenge" (via YouTube) is deliberately somewhat light on the details of the actual revenge the two protagonists are plotting, but extremely heavy on Maya Hawke. Fans on Twitter are praising her look in the movie. "boyfriend maya hawke is just very important to me," @stateoftays wrote with a gif of a tomboyish Eleanor grinning behind the wheel. Twitter users like  @dailymayahawkee and @lgbtzenin have also pointed out this particular outfit.

However, most comments seem to focus on a certain moment that features Hawke's Eleanor, and as luck would have it, it's one that draws comparison to the actor's queer "Stranger Things" character, Robin Buckley. The trailer features a moment where Eleanor kisses another girl, and to say Twitter has taken notice would be an understatement.

"MAYA HAWKE KISSING WOMEN EVERYONE CHEERED," Twitter user @robinshawkins wrote. "MAYA HAWKE AND TALIA RYDER KISSING? WE ARE FINALLY WINNING," @kathi364 wrote. "MAYA HAWKE KISSING A WOMAN I FELL TO THE GROUND," @thinkernatmaya continued the all-caps commentary ... which, incidentally, isn't limited to Twitter's confines. "MAYA HAWKE FINALLY GETS TO KISS A GIRL THANK YOU," YouTube user Heart commented the movie's trailer.  

"Do Revenge" is available for viewing on Netflix on  September 16.