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Chinese Character Posters Cast The Justice League In Gorgeous Watercolor

It's not difficult to advertise a Justice League movie in 2017. At this point, the appeal is baked in—"Y'all like Batman? Wonder Woman? The gang's all here, folks!" 

But a new set of character posters drawn specifically for the movie's Chinese market do a good deal more than simply sell the picture. The movie they're attached to aside, these things are really, really pretty.

First up we have Wonder Woman, looking more like a Final Fantasy character than we've ever seen her before.

Then there's Batman, who will soon receive a feature-length Asian interpretation with the upcoming Warner Bros. Japan-produced Batman Ninja.

Next we have Superman, who may or may not appear in this movie or whatever.

Here is Victor Stone/Cyborg, doing his usual pose.

Next up is Arthur Curry/Aquaman, looking particularly regal in his posture here.

And finally, Barry Allen/The Flash, looking like an excited, carefree kid making his way to the first day of school at 600 mph.

Justice League premieres in the US (and China!) on November 17. If you're waiting to see what the critics say before you snag a ticket, the first reviews of the movie will be released overnight on November 14 at 11:50 pm PST.