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The Boys' Erin Moriarty Reveals The Morbid Line Annie Will Never Cross

"The Boys" has emerged from Amazon Prime Video's original programming line-up as one of its most popular and successful offerings (via Nerd Stash). Skewering the recognizable characters of the DCEU and MCU in equal measure, the series' highly dysfunctional heroes and totally unhinged vigilantes have helped to mark the show as one that mature audiences do not want to miss.

However, amid all of the raunchy sex and exploding heads, "The Boys" does have some sincerity and heart to offer. Part of the reason for that is characters like Starlight/Annie (Erin Moriarty). With Season 3 now in the rearview mirror, Starlight has shown that she has the most morally sound compass of any character in the series. Though she's erred close to crossing the line just like her many dubious teammates of both The Seven and The Boys, Starlight has remained steadfast in her unwavering belief in the greater good and in herself.

Annie only puts herself in harm's way

Erin Moriarty sat down with CBR to discuss Annie's growth throughout the shocking third season of "The Boys" and how her character has managed to remain good in a world where everything seems to be going off the rails on a daily basis. As Annie went to intense and troubling lengths to try and kill off the sociopathic Homelander (Antony Starr), fans might be wondering if she might descend to the depths that some of the other characters have gone to in the series.

"The line that Annie will not cross is she will not have any casualties in any missions that she endeavors on," said Moriarty. "The only person she will put at risk is herself." This statement seems to hold up, as Annie remained focused on saving civilians and rescuing her comrades throughout Season 3, even as other characters like Hughie (Jack Quaid) and Butcher (Karl Urban) adopted a mission-based approach that saw them working with one psychopath to kill another.

"I think that Hughie, for the greater good, thinks — and this comes from good intentions — that certain casualties might be worth it to obtain their goals," Moriarty went on. "Annie will not allow that to happen. That's the line she won't cross, is hurting anyone who is innocent." While Hughie and even Butcher do eventually come around to Annie's way of seeing things by the end of the latest season, with a ticking clock on Butcher's life and Homelander more unhinged than ever, Annie may have to make even more tough choices in the upcoming fourth season of "The Boys."