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Why Producer Jhane Myers Was Key To Prey's Authenticity According To Dakota Beavers - Exclusive

Dan Trachtenberg's "Prey," the newest "Predator" movie, is off to a great start. There's no Cinemascore for the entry, of course, owing to its premiere at home on Hulu, but the 93% Rotten Tomatoes score (alongside an 82% Audience score) to date showcases that it's a fun and well-received sci-fi-action-horror outing. One key to its success is the film's commitment to authenticity, taking place in Comanche territory hundreds of years ago. The tribe's warriors have to fend off a Yautja who comes from the stars, looking for the ultimate hunt.

With its historical setting being so pivotal to the film's success, the movie could easily sink or swim on whether its portrayal of the Comanche is accurate. In an exclusive interview with "Prey" co-star Dakota Beavers, he discussed the key role of producer Jhane Myers in ensuring "Prey" stayed accurate (and that the cast was well taken care of) in one of the year's best horror films.

The secret to Prey's authenticity

Dakota Beavers explained how "Prey" landed such a historically accurate feel to it, even becoming the first feature film to have a full Comanche dub of the film. Its accuracy, in short, comes down to the efforts of producer Jhane Myers.

"One of the first things that was integral to making this movie was having Jhane head up the project with Dan [Trachtenberg], being a Comanche woman herself who is there to say, 'This is right, this isn't right'; 'This looks good, this doesn't look good'; and to be there for the actors," he said.

In an interview with Myers, she emphasized that the tribe's accurate portrayal was an important priority in her work. "I'm a citizen of the Comanche Nation, being an enrolled Comanche, but I'm also Blackfeet," she explained. "Having authenticity in this film 100% of the way through is really important." The film's commitment to an authentic, grounded portrayal (also a priority of director Dan Trachtenberg) makes the film stand out from a number of other projects. She continued, "Normally, as a producer, I get hired to do different projects and sometimes they're 20%, 25%, but when I read this, this has 100%."

In addition to her work in ensuring accuracy, Beavers also highlighted that Myers had a key role in making sure the cast was happy ... and fed. As Beavers put it:

"She's like a top-tier auntie. She's there for all the people. She was there for me. Any time I was hungry, man — because they had me on a strict diet — she'd deliver pizzas to my room to make sure I was eating. But Jhane was the number one reason why this film was as accurate as we could make it."

"Prey" is now available on Hulu.