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Eri's Quirk In My Hero Academia Explained

"My Hero Academia" is one of the biggest hit anime and manga series of the last decade (via ComicBook.com). Coming off of the high viewership numbers of the show's fifth season, the superhero show doesn't look like it'll be slowing down any time soon either.

Taking place in an alternate reality where the majority of humanity has developed quirks (or superpowers), "My Hero Academia" has succeeded largely on the backs of its massive cast of popular, likable characters. One such character is Eri (Seiran Kobayashi/Emily Neves), who was introduced early on in the fourth season of the show.

Though Eri initially appears to be an innocent child in need of rescuing, her backstory is revealed to be far more complex as it unfolds over the course of Season 4. Much of her plotline, for example, deals with her mysterious powers and how they can affect those around her. Still, not everyone is entirely sure how Eri's powers work.

Eri reverts people to a previous state

If you happen to be one of those people who doesn't really understand Eri's powers, don't feel bad. Even some characters in the show aren't exactly sure how they work. The most basic way to explain her ability would be to say that she can sort of "rewind" other "My Hero Academia" characters just by being near them when her quirk is activated. Though this can be extremely dangerous, as she can basically rewind people out of existence, her power is also very useful under certain circumstances.

Most notably, Eri helps Izuku "Deku" Midoriya (Daiki Yamashita/Justin Briner) in his fierce battle against Overhaul (Kenjiro Tsuda/Kellen Goff). Since Deku's powers take a severe toll on his body when he goes above and beyond, Eri's ability continuously heals Deku by reverting him back to his uninjured self again and again throughout the fight. However, we immediately see how dangerous this is shortly thereafter, as she can't turn her power off after the fight.

Still, the ability has benefitted Mirio Togata (Tarusuke Shingaki/Ricco Fajardo) as well. The hero notably lost his powers while helping to rescue Eri during the conflict with Overhaul, but Eri's refined abilities allowed her to rewind him to his previous self, superpowers and all. Since her ability can be useful for both heroes and villains, Eri will no doubt remain central to future plots in "My Hero Academia." Heck, she might even find herself attending the titular school as a future member of Class 1-A once she gets a better handle on her abilities.