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Rick And Morty Fans Believe They Caught An Interesting Color Mistake

In the world of television animation, "Rick and Morty" is a tour de force. Premiering on Adult Swim in late 2013, the show became an almost immediate smash hit, with its unique blend of outrageous humor, classic sci-fi elements, and surprisingly existential themes — making "Rick and Morty" one of the network's biggest successes. And there seems to be no sign of it slowing down in the slightest. While the fifth season received a mixed reception from fans, the follow-up is promised by its creators to be of superior quality (via IGN). 

One of the elements within all of "Rick and Morty" that has helped maintain that level of quality are the immersive details throughout every episode. Being that "Rick and Morty" is a science fiction show above all else, it's clear that the show's creators and writing team put their all into imbuing the world of the series with as much elaborate nuance as possible. Not only does this help with world-building, but certain background details can amp up both the comedy and drama within the show. And while it appears that its creators thought through each aspect with immense precision, there are other times when audiences pick up on details that may need further questioning. 

What's the true color of the tube?

Redditor u/Spamboi13 began a thread on the "Rick and Morty" subreddit where they asked others if they noticed a coloring mistake from the Season 3 episode, "Morty's Mind Blowers." In the scene, Rick, after having accidentally erased both his and Morty's memories, is trying to figure out what the tubes they are surrounded by are for. He picks up a pink tube, but it has turned blue when the show cuts to him next to Morty in the next shot. The most upvoted response in the thread commented on the most likely reason this happened. The comment in question, belonging to Redditor u/T3mpic, wonders if, "It's either covered in the pink juice or it's just an editing/animation error." 

Animated shows dealing with tight deadlines and limited budgets go back to the days of Hanna-Barbera cartoons, such as "Scooby-Doo." Even more recent shows like "The Simpsons" have their fair share of rough patches. While there's no way to know for sure, that could very well be the case with this moment, in particular, as the tube remains blue the entire time when streaming the episode on Hulu or HBO Max. This means there could've been some slight editing before the episode was put on the streamers. 

Others went further with their beliefs regarding what the pink bottle might've been. Redditors such as u/seanthebeloved and u/KingFry5 believe that there is more to this detail, as the episode shows us earlier that the color of the tubes is attached to the memories of different people under different circumstances. So should this pink color be seen as such? With as intricate and nuanced as "Rick and Morty" can be, it's certainly worth some thought.