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Showtime's The Curse Release Window, Cast, Director, Plot And More Details

Showtime is home to some of the best TV shows in recent years. In addition to classic series such as "Dexter" and "Weeds," the network is also responsible for more recent hits like "Yellowjackets," "Ziwe," and "Twin Peaks: The Return." In other words, Showtime isn't afraid of pushing boundaries and going in unusual, dark directions. And now, it's about to boast another unique TV series — one that's coming from some of the strangest, most creative minds working today.

In 2020, Deadline reported that Showtime had given the go-ahead to "The Curse," a series that promises to combine all the meta weirdness of shows like "Nathan for You" and all the anxiety-inducing dread of movies like "Uncut Gems" (and there's a very good reason for that). If you want to learn more about Showtime's wildest offering in quite some time, read on for everything you need to know about "The Curse."

When will Showtime's The Curse be released?

From the minds of Nathan Fielder and the Safdie brothers (more on them in a bit), "The Curse" is bound to delight critics and audiences alike when it makes its way to Showtime, courtesy of A24. (Yep, A24 does TV,  such as "Euphoria," "Ziwe," and "Ramy.") The series has been in development for quite some time, with Deadline reporting on the project in February 2020. So ... when will "The Curse" actually air?

Well, after a whole lot of waiting, we finally have some answers. The first three episodes of "The Curse" are going to play at the 2023 New York Film Festival, and then the next seven episodes (for a total of 10, which will all run for about 30 minutes apiece) will play at Film at Lincoln Center. Okay, okay — that's all great. But when are the mass majority of TV watchers going to lay eyeballs on this thing? Well, according to a tweet (an X?) from A24, we can expect "The Curse" to hit Showtime sometime in the fall of 2023.

What is the plot of Showtime's The Curse?

So, what exactly is "The Curse" going to be about? Well, from everything we've heard, it's going to be hilarious, it's going to seriously bend some genres, and it's going to be a pretty cutting satire.

As for the plot, here's what the official plot synopsis has to say (via IndieWire): "Asher and Whitney Siegel are married entrepreneurs (don't call them gentrifiers!) whose latest plan is to flip houses and convert them into eco-friendly homes for the struggling residents of Española, New Mexico — all for an HGTV-style reality show being overseen by an ingratiating producer with demons of his own. From this premise, which nimbly touches upon inescapable American issues of race, class, and capital, Fielder and Safdie branch out into an increasingly tangled network of ethical and moral gray zones, expertly balancing the tender and the merciless."

In a darkly hilarious gag, this show-within-a-show will be titled "Flipanthropy." And as you might assume, it's not all smooth sailing for the couple, as "Flipanthropy" will be a troubled production. Worse still, the couple will be beset by some sort of curse, one plaguing their relationship. At the moment, we're not sure if this is a metaphorical curse or a literal one. But whatever happens, we're sure it's going to be pretty darn funny, as Showtime executive Amy Israel has promised (via The Hollywood Reporter) "a groundbreaking satire that is both unexpected and deeply human."

Who is starring in The Curse?

When it comes to who's starring in Showtime's "The Curse," it's an eclectic mix of edgy comedic talent, major A-list stars, and respected character actors. Benny Safdie (who recently appeared in "Oppenheimer") will play the producer of "Flipanthropy," and Nathan Fielder of "Nathan for You" will play Asher Siegel — the husband and co-star of the show-within-a-show who's dealing with the titular curse. 

So who's portraying Whitney Siegel, the reality star married to Fielder's character? It's none other than the Oscar-winning Emma Stone ("La La Land," "Poor Things"), who received a ton of praise from Showtime executive Amy Israel. As she put it, "The fierce intelligence and wit of the incomparable Emma Stone make her the perfect partner with the ingenious minds of the Safdie brothers and the subversive comedy of Nathan Fielder."

As for the rest of the cast, Variety reported in July 2022 that Corbin Bernsen, Barkhad Abdi, and Constance Shulman would be joining "The Curse." If those names don't sound familiar, you've definitely seen (or heard) them before. Bernsen is best known for playing in NBC's "LA Law" and USA Network's "Psych," Abdi is renowned for his phenomenal turn in "Captain Phillips," and Shulman has played in series like "Orange Is the New Black" and has done voice work for the iconic Nickelodeon series "Doug."

Who is directing, writing, and producing The Curse?

In addition to starring as one of the leads, Nathan Fielder will also be the one sitting in the director's chair. If you're at all familiar with Fielder's career, you know the man has a gift for crafting extremely uncomfortable yet hilarious comedies, such as the docu-reality series "Nathan for You" and "The Rehearsal." However, this time, he'll be in charge of a scripted series, although it is one revolving around a fictional reality show.

Fielder also wrote the series, along with Benny Safdie. Benny and his brother, Josh, will be executive producing, alongside Fielder. Fans of the Safdie brothers know they specialize in gritty, intense films that might very well give you a panic attack, a la "Good Time" and "Uncut Gems." Emma Stone will also be executive producing through her Fruit Tree banner, alongside A24's TV arm.