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Barry Season 4 Just Hit A Major Production Milestone

If you're dissatisfied with your current place in life, there's no shame in seeking out something that makes you happy. That's exactly what Barry Berkman (Bill Hader) did when he made the decision to pursue a career in acting on HBO's "Barry." His dilemma? He previously worked as a hitman, which has made it next to impossible to live his new, more solitary life to the fullest. That may sound like a terrible position to get trapped in, but thankfully, it's a fictional one that has made for a strong television premise most viewers have yet to tire of.

"Barry" debuted in March of 2018 and quickly developed a strong following among those who gave it a shot. Naturally, this positive response meant that it didn't take long for HBO to greenlight a second season that ultimately arrived a year after the first in March 2019. The second batch of episodes also proved quite popular, propelling "Barry" to a third season in April 2022. Of course, audiences still haven't seen the last of Berkman (or Block), Sally Reed (Sarah Goldberg), Monroe Fuches (Stephen Root), and the rest of the cast.

"Barry" Season 4 was announced in May 2022 (via Deadline), and after a few months of waiting, those involved finally have an encouraging update on it for fans.

Barry Season 4 is officially in production

On August 2, 2022, the man behind the one-of-a-kind acting coach, Mr. Gene Cousineau, himself, Henry Winkler, took to Twitter and gave "Barry" fans the news they've been waiting on. ⁦"@hbo_barry FRIST DAY. Season 4," he wrote in a tweet, accompanied by a photo of himself and Bill Hader on the set of "Barry," each with ear-to-ear grins. With that, it appears that production on the next batch of episodes of the HBO favorite is officially underway. Although, unlike Winkler and Hader, it stands to reason that neither Gene nor Barry will be all smiles in the coming episodes.

For those who don't recall, Season 3 of "Barry" concluded with the title character being taken into custody by the authorities — something Gene is largely responsible for. According to Winkler in an interview with E! News, don't expect much fun in Season 4 for either character. "I read the first four scripts, and I can say to you there is no peace," he revealed, adding that for Gene, "Death would be the end of looking over my shoulder, that's for sure." Bearing those comments in mind, one has to wonder if we'll see the end of Mr. Cousineau at the hands of Barry this season.

It goes without saying that anticipation for "Barry" Season 4 is incredibly high. Fingers crossed that production goes smoothly so that it can reach the small screen as soon as possible.