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Sarah Paulson's Comments About Her Involvement With American Horror Story May Worry Fans

Fans of "American Horror Story" — the FX anthology series created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk — have gotten to know Sarah Paulson's talents well over the years. Of the show's 10 seasons, Paulson has appeared on nine of them, beginning with Season 1, "American Horror Story: Murder House," in which Paulson had a smaller arc of just three episodes. However, from then on, Paulson was cast in more significant roles in the seasons she appeared on. In fact, during her tenure, Paulson has played some of the most memorable characters of the entire series, including conjoined twins Bette and Dot Tattler on "Freak Show" and Supreme Witch Cordelia Foxx on "Coven" (and "Apocalypse").

Many fans of the series would argue that Paulson is one of the most essential members of the "American Horror Story" ensemble. And considering that the show was renewed through Season 13 in January 2020, fans have likely been hoping to hear Paulson's name amongst any casting news for those upcoming seasons.

Well, Paulson has just opened up about the possibility of returning to "AHS" for a future season — and fans may be worried by her comments.

Paulson is open to returning but looking for new experiences

In recent comments to Variety, Sarah Paulson discussed whether or not she is open to returning for new seasons of "American Horror Story." When posed with the question of whether fans can expect to see her among the ensemble of the upcoming seasons, Paulson was quick to begin by saying that she isn't writing off the possibility of future appearances, but that she might be ready to step away for the time being.

Paulson continued, "I feel like I've been doing it for a long time, and people might start getting sick of me in that world. Let someone else scream and run and cry for a second. Other people can do that too! Also, my nervous system. There was a time when I was younger when I was like, 'I can do this all night. I love it!' Now I'm like, 'Momma's tired!'"

In the same interview, Paulson also addressed whether or not she would consider doing another season of "American Crime Story" — another Ryan Murphy-created FX anthology series — following her performances in "The People vs OJ Simpson" and "Impeachment." Paulson praised the quality of the series, but gave a similar answer to that of the "AHS" question, stating, "So, never say never, but I'm sort of in this new space of seeing what comes and not pre-planning, which is very unlike me! I'm not saying I'm comfortable there yet, but I'm experimenting."

So although nothing has been made official, it seems there's the possibility that fans might not see as much of Sarah Paulson in the Ryan Murphyverse in the future.