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The True Crime-Inspired SNL Skit That Raised A Lot Of Eyebrows

Long-running variety show "Saturday Night Live" often covers current events and contemporary political figures in order to stay relevant and draw laughs from audiences. Sometimes this means the show's satirical version of a real-life figure becomes a major part of popular culture. Tina Fey's impression of Sarah Palin was widely celebrated for instance, while Will Ferrell's goofy, bumbling George W. Bush came back for a number of sketches over the years.

However, "SNL's" need to stay contemporary has also earned backlash. Producer Lorne Michaels' decision to bring then-presidential candidate Donald Trump on as a show host in 2015 drew protests and condemnation (via Deadline), even from the cast. Former "SNL" alum Taran Killam has since stated publicly that Trump's brief period on set "was not enjoyable at the time and something that only grows more embarrassing and shameful as time goes on" (via NPR).

Along those lines, "SNL's" Season 47 premiere didn't exactly receive widespread praise for commenting on this real true-crime story.

Some SNL viewers thought Gabby Petito wasn't an appropriate subject

In the "School Board Meeting" sketch from "SNL," two board members, played by Alex Moffat and Ego Nwodim, carry out a disastrous meeting where everyone just wants to talk about recent news. One late attendee is Dog the Bounty Hunter (Pete Davidson), who insists that he can't find Brian Laundrie anywhere.

In real life, Dog the Bounty Hunter did search for Brian Laundrie, who was then missing and wanted in connection with the death of fiancee Gabby Petito (via Newsweek). This made some viewers feel the sketch was in poor taste. Twitter user @Dmoniq wrote, "The poor girl hasn't even been buried yet!! Shame on #snl." @beebo9 couldn't believe "they put a joke about not being able to find Brian Laundrie on 'SNL' and ppl [sic] laughed."

A few did like the sketch, with @ManicMapGirl hoping Pete Davidson's version of Dog would be a regular character. Unfortunately, the joke didn't age well when Laundrie's remains were later found in an apparent suicide, alongside a confession to killing Petito (via CNN). Dog the Bounty Hunter himself might be funny, but the tragic murder of Gabby Petito just wasn't great fodder for comedy.

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