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Why Fire Force Fans Think It's One Of The Best Next Generation Anime

"Fire Force" has emerged as an exceptionally popular anime as the medium continues to explode across all kinds of viewer demographics (via Parrot Analytics). Created by Atsushi Ohkubo, the series follows Shinra Kakusabe (Gakuto Kajiwara/Derick Snow) as he enlists in an elite force of pyrokinetic investigators and warriors after a massive cataclysm sees much of the world engulfed in flames.

From David Production and Kodansha, the series is praised for its impressive animation, pulse-pounding battles, and explosive, fiery finales (via Toonami Faithful). However, some elements of its source material have been criticized for pandering and fanservice (via Anime Senpai). Meanwhile, the critical response to the anime has improved with its second season, leading to even more excitement about the upcoming third season of "Fire Force." Still, fans of the series on the r/firebrigade subreddit were happy to praise the show for a number of different reasons as they eagerly await the next batch of episodes.

Fire Force fans love plot and charcters

"Fire force is the best new gen," said u/Savings_Mix_1995 in their thread. They started things off by listing off an extensive array of things that they appreciate about the anime in particular. They had special praise for the plot, characters, and sound design.

"For me the best part of Fire Force is the uniqueness of the powers," u/LiamEd2000 weighed in. "Sure, they're all fire-based, but they are used so differently. I love Charon, Haumea, Kurono, and Arthur's abilities the most probably just for how they work." u/Shattered_Sans agreed, but only because of their knowledge of what was to come. "I agree that Fire Force is the best new gen, but I only think that because I read the manga. If I had only seen the first two seasons, then I'd probably say that Chainsaw Man is the best new gen series." Hopefully, the "Fire Force" anime stays close to the manga as to avoid any disappointment from this viewer. 

With such an enthusiastic response to the series, anime fans who have been sitting on the fence regarding "Fire Force" might find themselves tempted to give the show a chance, especially with a new season on the way.

Fire Force's composer was excited to work on the series

Funimation sat down with music composer for "Fire Force," Kenichiro Suehiro to talk about the series. "Personally, a grand style of music is my favorite domain, and is the perfect compliment to the content and worldview of the original story," said Suehiro. "So I am truly glad that I was nominated for the job."

Epic music can definitely make all the difference in how an emotionally potent scene or fight sequence is carried out, so it's only natural that Suehiro would take the job so seriously. The composer even admitted that he had an idea of what kind of music he'd make for the series before he'd even landed the position. "I imagined putting the focus on the action scenes, which are one of the series' great attractions," said Suehiro. "I thought to myself that I'd like to make some music for this that builds up the dynamic battles while further intensifying the story."

Well, going by the response from fans, the music is an excellent part of a very enticing package, with u/Savings_Mix_1995 going so far as to say, "Fights: best sound effects in any anime, new gen or old gen, its a game changer." As for Season 3, no release date has been confirmed as of yet, but many sources are speculating that we could see more of "Fire Force" by the end of 2022, with production on the next set of episodes in the series having already begun (via Anime Geek).