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How I Met Your Mother Fans Can't Get Over This Crushing Lily Moment

Even though "How I Met Your Mother" is ostensibly a comedy, there are many scenes that leave fans in tears. Some were unexpected, like when Marshall (Jason Segel) found out his father died in Season 6, Episode 13 ("Bad News"). With the episode revolving around Marshall's fear that he's infertile, watching Lily (Alyson Hannigan) approach him with the news while he's trying to call his dad is heartbreaking.

Some emotional moments, like the ongoing foreshadowing of the Mother dying, were uncomfortably sad and drawn out. It feels like emotional blackmail as we get to know and love Tracey (Cristin Milioti). Whether realizing that Ted (Josh Radnor) keeps referring to Tracey in the past tense or watching Ted tear up when talking about a mother not missing their daughter's wedding, we knew Tracey's time was limited.

However, one of the most heartbreaking scenes occurs in Season 8, Episode 13. Much to Lily's chagrin, Ted is helping Robin (Cobie Smulders) plan her wedding. While most of the episode focuses on him coming to terms with how he feels, Lily tells him a devastating secret in her attempt to get Ted to admit his truth. And fans still aren't over it.

Lily telling Ted she sometimes wishes she wasn't a mom hit many fans hard

In "Band or DJ," Lily and Ted are freezing on the roof while she tries to get Ted to admit how much he hates Robin marrying Barney. When he insists he's happy for them, she reveals one of her "awful" thoughts, telling him tearfully, "Sometimes I wish I wasn't a mom. Sometimes I want to pack a bag and leave in the middle of the night and not come back." Her revelation works, and while Ted admits he thinks Robin belongs with him, fans were floored at how hard this scene hit.

"This scene is so underrated in my opinion," wrote u/AkbGunner on the "How I Met Your Mother" Reddit page. "I don't see too many people talk about this hard-hitting and heartbreaking scene. Lily goes out of her way to let Ted speak his truth and shows how she cares so much that she would take the fall." More than 150 people commented on the ups and downs of having kids and how they related to this particular moment. U/ckels23 wrote poignantly, "I watched this scene [for] the first time deep into postpartum. I sobbed. I still cry every time because it's so true. Mom'ing takes everything out of you. 💜"

This Reddit thread was upvoted over 4000 times, showing how much it got under fans' skins and how refreshing it is to see the struggles of parenthood realistically. As u/DHouf put it, "Raising kids is incredibly difficult and exhausting, and this puts words to those challenges."