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Stranger Things 4's Joseph Quinn Just Claimed The Most Metal Perk Of Fame

Whether it's because we want to believe that the epic, the romantic, and the inspiring have a place outside of fiction, or because we simply don't want our favorite narratives to end just because a given film, series, or season has, we are always, despite ourselves, absolutely thrilled when beloved fictional characters, couples, and stories bleed into the nonfiction universe in which we live. Was there a "The Notebook" fan in the world, for instance, who wasn't at least a little devastated by Rachael McAdams' and Ryan Gosling's breakup

Whether we admit it or not, this desire to see life imitate art is inherent across a broad spectrum of fandoms, including the fast-growing cult of Eddie Munson, the surprisingly courageous (yet utterly relatable) metal-loving heart, soul, and hairdo of "Stranger Things" Season 4. Recently, Munsonites around the world received a satisfying and heartwarming surprise when the actor behind everyone's favorite metalhead, Joseph Quinn, leaned fully into his television persona. In a recent video posted on Netflix's official Twitter, the streaming service showed viewers just how much like his beloved character the actor could be, with the help of a revered band that loomed large in Eddie's on-screen narrative.

Metallica gifted Quinn with Eddie's guitar, and paid the character tribute

In the video, fans can see Quinn talking and rocking out with Eddie's beloved Metallica backstage at Lalapalooza. After James Hetfield (yes, the James Hetfield) told Quinn that he's been a fan of the show since Season 1, and Quinn thanked him for letting the series use his song, the nine-time Grammy award-winning artist paid Quinn the ultimate compliment. "Thanks for doing it justice," he said. 

Having the legendary frontman of an equally legendary band give your shredding skills his seal of approval is a pretty hefty reward for a job well done, but the perks didn't stop there for Quinn. Though he humbly insists he's a little rusty when asked if he wants to jam, by all appearances, Quinn hasn't lost a step when it comes to absolutely owning a song he spent, by his own admission, two years listening and learning. "We'd like to make an announcement," joked drummer Lars Ulrich. "Metallica is a now a five piece, guys." Throughout the jam session and the band's praise, Quinn's British accent and lack of locks are about the only things distinguishing him from his television persona, and his final perk further blurred the lines between the two.

Not only did the band gift Quinn with a stunning replica of Eddie's specially-finished, B.C. Rich NJ Series Warlock guitar, they also signed it for him before paying him tribute during their live show at the festival. It's the most metal perk ever for the man behind the most metal character ever.