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The Unexpected Character On That '70s Show Fans Wanted More Of

"That '70s Show" remains a perennial favorite among Gen Xers and millennials. For people who missed that decade, the show offered a glimpse into a simpler time before everyone had a personal computer in their homes. But even outside of its cultural relevance, the show was, at its foundation, about a group of friends just trying to make it work in this crazy world. From graduating high school to getting jobs, people could come of age with Eric Forman (Topher Grace) and the gang. 

And the show had no shortage of supporting characters to help the leads along their journeys. Plenty of guest stars swung by Point Place; no doubt fans would've loved seeing more of them. But based on one Reddit thread, there's one character, in particular, fans wanted to see more often. And it may be a character most people may have forgotten was even there in the first place. 

Schatzi was a fan favorite

Schatzi didn't have a ton of air time, but he made the most of it. He was initially introduced in Season 5 as a present Red (Kurtwood Smith) gives to Kitty (Debra Jo Rupp) to help her mood swings as she goes through menopause. He disappeared for quite a while after that, only to reappear in Season 7, with the only explanation given for his absence being that he's been hiding under the house. 

On Reddit, u/SirDeon started an appreciation thread for Schatzi, kicking things off with an image from an episode where Schatzi's on the counter. Red asks, "Why is the dog on the counter?" Kitty responds, "He likes to be tall." The post reminded fans of how much they enjoyed the Schatzi episodes, with another user writing, "Feeling kind of down today and this post reminds me of how cute and wholesome this show is. And how deeply ingrained in my memory it has become."

Much of the original cast will return for the upcoming revival series, "That '90s Show," but it's safe to say Schatzi won't be there (unless he's still hiding under the house all these years later).