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Whatever Happened To BootyQueen Apparel After Shark Tank?

For most business owners who appear on "Shark Tank," the real goal isn't making a deal with one of the show's celebrity investors. The objective is just to appear on the show itself. The "'Shark Tank' bump" is well-documented, as businesses experience a 250% sales bump after "Shark Tank" in the first year on average (via Inc.com). So, if "Shark Tank" producers" choose to air an entrepreneur's pitch, (not guaranteed), it's often a game changer.

Still, that 250% bump is just an average, and it usually only lasts a year. So even a winning "Shark Tank" appearance doesn't ensure long-term success. Though there are some who see longer reaching benefits from being on the show, like Fat Shack who nearly tripled their number of franchises in less than three years after their appearance.

Entrepreneurs Anna and Steve Kuclo appeared on Season 8 in 2017 to pitch their company, BootyQueen Apparel. It's a clothing line designed for a woman who sports an impressive derriere–the Kuclos are both bodybuilders, and Anna is famous in the bodybuilding industry for her glutes.

The Kuclos wanted $250,000 in exchange for a 20% equity stake. In the end, they made a deal with Fubu founder Daymond John for $250k for 33.3% (via Shark Tank Blog). Not a "Shark Tank" record, but a perfectly respectable deal.

So, how is BootyQueen Apparel doing today?

BootyQueen enjoyed a Shark Tank bump, but its future is uncertain

The Kuclos founded BootyQueen in 2015. When the company appeared on "Shark Tank," it offered shirts, sweareters, shorts, and of course its signature leggings. Since "Shark Tank," BootyQueen has expanded its offerings to include yoga mats and fitness brands. They also launched a line of limited-edition leggings named "Ideal." In 2019, the Kuclos opened a retail store in Plano, Texas, and it remains open today (via Biznewske).

The company hasn't shared its pre-"Shark Tank" sales numbers, but BootyQueen did indeed enjoy a "'Shark Tank' bump," generating $375,000 over its first 18 months (via Shark Tank Blog). Since then, things have gone even better. As of November 2021, BootyQueen has been doing $3 million in annual sales (via Biznewske).

However, there remain some indications that BootyQueen has run into trouble in 2022. The company's website is defunct, and its Instagram page hasn't been updated since July 2021. While BootyQueen's products remain available online and from its store, its long-term outlook is far from rosy.