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Here's How To Stream Abbott Elementary Ahead Of The Season 2 Premiere

Not many of the TV shows that have premiered over the past year have been received quite as well as "Abbott Elementary." Created by Quinta Brunson, the ABC mockumentary series follows a group of teachers as they try to endure the struggles that come with working at one of the worst schools in the country. The show's 13-episode first season premiered in December of 2021 and was received overwhelmingly well by both critics and casual viewers alike (via Rotten Tomatoes).

The success of "Abbott Elementary" Season 1 was cemented, once and for all, when it received seven Primetime Emmy Nominations (via IMDb). Brunson, who created the series and stars in it, received both acting and writing nominations for her work on the show. Unfortunately, "Abbott Elementary" fans will have to wait until this year's Emmys broadcast airs in early September to see just how many awards it ultimately manages to bring home.

The good news is that this year's Primetime Emmy Awards show isn't the only thing that "Abbott Elementary" fans can look forward to in September. "Abbott Elementary" Season 2 is also set to premiere that same month, but before that happens, it looks like it's going to become a whole lot easier for TV viewers to actually check out the series' acclaimed first season.

Abbott Elementary Season 1 is coming to HBO Max

According to Variety, Hulu and HBO Max are going to start sharing the streaming rights for "Abbott Elementary" this coming August. As of this writing, "Abbott Elementary" Season 1 is available to stream on Hulu, and, thankfully, it is set to stay on the streaming service for the foreseeable future. However, for all non-Hulu subscribers out there who are still interested in catching up on "Abbott Elementary," the show's first season is going to become available to stream on HBO Max starting on Saturday, August 20.

As was the case throughout the show's first season as well, new episodes of "Abbott Elementary" will continue to become available to stream on Hulu the day after they originally air on ABC. That arrangement between Hulu and ABC is expected to, at the very least, remain intact for the entirety of the mockumentary series' highly anticipated 22-episode second season. Meanwhile, the show's full seasons will become available to stream on HBO Max every year during the series' annual summer hiatus.

All of this is to say that "Abbott Elementary" is about to become available to stream on not just one, but two major platforms. In fact, "Abbott Elementary" Season 1's August 20 premiere on HBO Max will, notably, give the platform's subscribers a little over a month to catch up on the comedy series before its second season premieres on ABC on Wednesday, September 21.