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Frasier Fans Always Skip Over This One Episode On A Rewatch

There are 264 episodes of the hit NBC series "Frasier" spread across a total of 11 seasons for fans to enjoy. But some of the entries don't have the highest replay value with followers of the show, and certain chapters quickly get skipped when people are binge-watching the comedy sitcom.

The influx of streaming services has made it very easy to kick back and rewatch hours and hours of classic episodes from people's favorite TV shows. Among the many top contenders for this practice, "Frasier" sits very high on the list. The Atlantic called the series "peak comfort television" and raved about how it is absolutely worth rewatching. Buzzfeed also named "Frasier" as one of the top 21 best background noise shows, meaning people want to watch it even when they have to focus on something else.

"Frasier" being labeled a binge-worthy endeavor should really be no surprise considering how popular the series was when it first aired. The show won 37 Primetime Emmy Awards during its impressive run, winning the award for Outstanding Comedy Series five years in a row. But not every entry from the series is revered as a must-watch experience. In fact, one of them seems to commonly prompt a skip from fans.

The Friend episode of Frasier doesn't sit well with fans

In Season 3, Episode 11 ("The Friend"), Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer) attempts to ditch his new friend Bob (Griffin Dunne), who he finds annoying. However, Bob is in a wheelchair, and Frasier is afraid that Bob will blame their incompatibility on his wheelchair. He avoids Bob at all costs until he finally breaks it off with him and tells him the truth. Bob feels like a jerk, and to make him feel better, Frasier blames the chair instead. Of course, Frasier quickly regrets that decision as well.

In the r/Frasier subreddit, u/14159548210 asked which episode fans dislike the most from "Frasier." The title "The Friend" came up more than once, with several individuals expressing their desire to skip the entry when rewatching "Frasier." For example, u/ArchiXJ posted a comment that reads, "There are several episodes I skip all the time, the top one being "The Friend." In another comment, u/ontheneedles said they have no love for the episode, and u/danied13 stated that it always gets passed over.

Fans on Reddit aren't the only ones who think the episode isn't very fun to watch. In fact, according to IMDb, "The Friend" is the lowest-rated episode of the third season. Despite being a hit series, not every episode will be a winner, and some will unfortunately not stand the test of time. While many entries of "Frasier" are good enough to earn a spot on our 30 best "Frasier" episodes list, "The Friend" is just one of those skippable chapters that fails to resonate with fans.