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Jodie Foster Shares Plot Details Of Her Upcoming Black Mirror Episode

The fourth season of the dystopian techno-horror anthology series Black Mirror is arriving on Netflix in December, but so far, details have been mum on what to expect from the upcoming installment, with few details available beyond enigmatic episode titles, their directors, and a tantalizing teaser.

Now, Jodie Foster has spoken up to share some story details about the episode of the series she directed, a story called "Arkangel" written by series creator Charlie Brooker. 

We've seen glimpses in the teaser and promotional shots for the episode that suggested "Arkangel" would involve what appears to be medical experiments on a child with a concerned maternal element, which Foster seems to have confirmed with her comments on the episode's concept.

"The episode I direct is about a mother-daughter relationship," the director said, speaking at a Q & A session hosted by the British Film Institute, according to Deadline. "It's like an Ingrid Bergman movie, but it's tense and there's technology. It is very much about mixed messages—our mothers want us to be better than they were, want us to be stronger and want us to live without fear. But then when they see these fearless women, they want to break their kneecaps because they don't want them to leave them."

From her comments, it looks as though "Arkangel" will show a mother turning to technology to both improve, and then kneecap her daughter, wanting her child to grow up capable, so long as she's not more capable than her. All-in-all, it sounds like the perfect sort of conflict for Black Mirror, a series which loves exploring relationships that have been invaded and augmented by powerful technology.

The six new episodes of Black Mirror mark the British series' second go-around on Netflix since it moved to the streaming service in 2015. The last six episodes were released on the service just over a year ago—but keep your eye on your Netflix client, as the new season is set to drop sometime in December. 

According to the series creators, this batch of episodes will have an abundance of inside-reference Easter eggs built in for longtime viewers—more than ever, evidently. If that sort of thing tickles your fancy, you've got just enough time for a rewatch before Black Mirror returns.