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Henry Cavill Doesn't Want You To Call Justice League's Tone Light

If you're getting whiplash just hearing Justice League's actors talk about the film's tone, you're not alone. Shortly after his co-star Ezra Miller claimed that Zack Snyder had a light, comedic take on the film, Henry Cavill has come out to say that calling the film's tone light would be "doing it an injustice."

"It has a serious scenario, with moments of humor and lightness peppered throughout," he said in a recent interview with WSVN-TV in Miami. (via YouTube) "When people are in bad situations, gallows humor does come into effect. I know a lot of guys in the armed forces, and a lot of them have really bizarre senses of humor, and it gets [them] through, and we have those. We have those as well."

Rumors about Justice League's tone have abounded since Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Joss Whedon took over the film after original director Snyder left due to a family tragedy. Whedon was said to be adding additional dialogue to the film to help provide "connective tissue" to link together the set pieces shot by Snyder, but amid reports that the reshoots cost upwards of $25 million, many people have started to wonder how significant the changes would be.

The cast have all had different things to say about the reshoots. Star Joe Morton said that, as far as his knowledge went, Whedon had been brought in to "lighten" the movie's tone; however, this was sharply contradicted by his on screen son Ray Fisher, who said at San Diego Comic-Con that the reshoots were "brief if anything." 

Gal Gadot echoed Fisher's comments, saying that Whedon was Snyder's first choice to finish the film and that the tone cannot have changed that much due to how much had already been shot. Gadot said that Whedon was just "fine tuning" what was already there.

Miller recently said in an interview that Snyder's original take on the film was already "much lighter, more comedic, almost more Whedon-y" than his previous movies, saying that the ultimate product is "a realization of a cohesive vision that comes mainly from Zack and comes from the cumulative process of the building of the DCEU."

Whedon was given a writing credit on the film, with Snyder remaining credited as the sole director. Justice League, which also stars Ben Affleck, Jason Momoa,  Ciaran Hinds, Amy Adams, Jeremy Irons, Diane Lane, Connie Nielsen, and J.K. Simmons, hits theaters on Nov. 17.