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Sebastian Stan Makes A Dramatic Transformation For A24's A Different Man

When Sebastian Stan's name comes up in conversation, most minds will likely jump to his prominent place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe where he portrays Bucky Barnes, aka the Winter Soldier, aka the best friend (and one-time adversary) of Captain America (Chris Evans). Outside of those popular movies though, Stan has proven himself to be quite a versatile performer, even going almost unrecognizable and transforming into a young, rocking Tommy Lee for the Hulu miniseries "Pam & Tommy."

One of the actor's upcoming roles is in "A Different Man," the story of a disfigured man who gets a new lease on life after reconstructive surgery. After this physical transformation, however, he becomes obsessed with an actor portraying him in a play, pre-facial reconstruction. In addition to revealing plot details about the project in June, Deadline noted that the picture is being written and directed by Aaron Schimberg. Considering the feature is being financed and produced by A24, the company behind twisty horror entries like "Midsommar" and "Tusk," audiences can probably expect some dark surprises in this flick.

Stan took to Instagram to reveal he's gone through another wild physical transformation, albeit one that is worlds apart from turning into a rock star. This time around, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who recognizes the actor if they didn't already know it was him before seeing the after photo. 

You won't recognize Sebastian Stan as Edward

On Wednesday, July 27, Sebastian Stan shared a new side of himself with fans. The actor posted an image of the character of Edward, his character in "A Different Man," with the actor's face transformed thanks to prosthetics and make-up that give his character a scarred, sagging visage (via Instagram). In his post, the actor credited Prosthetic Renaissance Inc. with the make-up work, which he praised as "incredible." He posted another pic from the set without make-up, too, in case anyone was worried he wouldn't be sporting his famous mug too in the upcoming film (via Instagram). The second image features "A Different Man" actress Renate Reinsve and actor Adam Pearson, who A24 fans may recognize from his supporting turn in the 2013 Scarlett Johansson flick "Under the Skin." 

Though transforming into Tommy Lee for "Pam & Tommy" was no doubt a less strenuous process, it likely at least prepared Stan a bit for the heavy make-up work required for "A Different Man." In an interview promoting the miniseries, Stan said the process for that role took two hours — time that was tacked on to an already 12-hour day — but he had nothing but praise for the make-up artists. "We had the very best hair and make-up team we could've asked for and they just killed it. They deserve whatever awards that are given. We couldn't have done it without them," the actor said (per Entertainment Tonight).