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Watch Dacre Montgomery's Crazy Stranger Things 2 Audition

Dacre Montgomery really wanted to land the role of Billy on Stranger Things 2. So he did what anyone would do: he put on a G-string, oiled himself up, and danced maniacally to Dexys Midnight Runners.

It worked. As soon as the Duffer brothers saw it, they contacted the Australian star of Power Rangers and set up a Skype meeting about the role of the new bully in Hawkins. Montgomery talked about the video (which you can watch above) in an interview with GQ.

"Because of the success of the first season [of Stranger Things], I just kind of wanted to make a bit of a splash with the Duffers, because I assumed they would be getting so many tapes," he said. "I had the audition details for about a day, and I did the whole thing in the first day because I was so overwhelmingly excited about it. I got [the audition details] when I woke up, so that's 7 o'clock. It was one scene, the scene of me and Max in the car, and there was a scene from Stand By Me."

The first thing Montgomery did was get his mustache game on point. "So I got up, kinda went crazy, shaved all my hair off around my face except for my mustache, and then rang two friends who are still studying at the acting university that I went to here in Perth. I was like, 'Can you help read for me behind the camera tonight?' Then during the day, I made everything else happen: the dancing and the rest, going out in the G-string and just playing around with it, and putting it together on iMovie and doing all that sort of stuff. And then my two friends came around in the evening, and they had no idea."

Montgomery wasn't sure how it would go over. "I was thinking, 'Either I'm never going to work again, or somebody somewhere is going to see one thing in me, and they'll give me a chance.'"

But the Duffers told him the tape definitely got the attention of the folks at Netflix. "[The Duffer brothers] were kind of like, 'Hey man. So we saw your tape, and, you know, it caused a bit of a stir at Netflix.' Apparently it was played in the big board meeting."

Stranger Things 2 premiered Oct. 27 on Netflix and the ratings have been otherworldly.