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What The Boys' Erin Moriarty Hopes To See In Starlight's Future

In the Amazon Prime series "The Boys," Erin Moriarty's heroine, Starlight, remains a glimmer of hope in an exceedingly corrupt society. In spite of the pessimism espoused by characters like Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), Starlight proves that not all Supes are conniving, ruthless, and power-hungry figures in uniforms. She goes from humble Iowa beginnings as Annie January to big-time Vought International superstar, Starlight, but maintains her sense of good throughout.

Season 3, Episode 7 ("Here Comes a Candle to Light You to Bed") shows Starlight standing up to the feared and egocentric Homelander (Antony Starr), a feat that very few people can pull off and live to tell the tale. Starlight possesses enough internal bravery and fervent passion that she can make her own choices, and doesn't need a massive conglomerate to tell her what to do, say, or wear. She also puts her costume aside, presenting herself to the rest of the world as Annie, not merely a member of the controversial superhero group.

At this point in the series, Annie makes a decision to quit Vought and chart her own path instead. Notably, Moriarty has her own vision for Starlight's future, a view that wholly separates her from the evil that pumps through the company's veins. So, where does the actress want to see Starlight go in "The Boys" Season 4?

Moriarty wants a life for Starlight that doesn't involve Vought

In an interview with Variety, actress Erin Moriarty revealed what she hopes to see for Starlight in the future, now that her character has cut ties with Vought. 

Ever since she was young, Annie has donned some version of a Starlight costume. According to Moriarty, "[Starlight] needs to throw it away and find her identity without the influence of Vought and her mother." Even though Vought has turned Starlight into a worldwide celebrity, she chooses to quit basing her existence on selling her body, looks, and abilities all for the sake of commodity, fashion, and superhero stardom.

Furthermore, Moriarty thinks that Starlight's newfound freedom has had a major impact on her character's future. "I can't see her going back to working for Vought," Moriarty said. "She's done working with the corrupt, evil corporation and evil people. I hope she either remains as Annie or develops a superhero entity that's outside of Vought." 

Of course, Starlight's public resistance to Homelander comes after a litany of abuses at the superhero leader's hands.

Starlight is profoundly tested in Season 3

Starlight's lingering patience and loyalty to Vought is repeatedly questioned throughout "The Boys" Season 3. Homelander not only forces Starlight to take part in a fake relationship for the purposes of good PR, but he also murders her ex-boyfriend, Supersonic (Miles Gaston Villanueva). Constantly having to put on a happy face to the public as a front becomes a tiring and trite persona for Starlight. 

However, this changes on some level when she is appointed co-captain. Sadly, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Speaking with Mama's Geeky, Erin Moriarty acknowledged this fact. "When she's given the role of co-captain, she sees it as her final opportunity to properly impart change. She soon realizes that increase in power just increases the threat of Homelander on her and on Hughie." Naturally, this leaves Starlight with a number of difficult decisions to make. 

Chief among these decisions is Starlight's continued employment at Vought. Eventually, she simply decides that enough is enough and makes a risky, but worthwhile move. Moriarty further commented, "This is the season where she finally decides what her place in this world is going to be. And with that comes a confidence in her that we've not seen before, and also a clarity."