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She-Hulk's Take On Titania Should Make Comics Fans Nervous

As revealed during 2022 San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel is about to feed fans very well over the next few years. The studio announced a deluge of content coming fans' ways, from feature films to original series on Disney+. However, before viewers get too ahead of themselves, it's important to look toward the near future, and the next Marvel project on deck to scratch people's superhero itches is "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law."

As evidenced by the title, the series will follow Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) as she acquires the powers of the Hulk via her cousin, Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo). Between her time as a high-powered lawyer, she'll have to fend off various supervillains from causing trouble in her life, and if the trailer's any indication, it'll be a rip-roaring good time, complete with fourth-wall breaks. 

One such bad guy we know She-Hulk will go up against is Titania (Jameela Jamil), who's often a rival of hers from the comics. But just how comic-accurate can fans expect Titania to be in the upcoming series? Jamil recently let the cat out of the bag, and fans should anticipate a different yet modern take on the arch-nemesis. 

Titania will be 'modern and fresh and silly'

While Marvel adaptations draw influence from the comics, it makes sense for them to put their unique spin on things. After all, Titania was introduced during the "Secret Wars" arc, where she became a villain to the Fantastic Four before setting her sights on She-Hulk. Naturally, since "Avengers: Secret Wars" is still several years away from popping up on the big screen, her origin will differ, and that's not the only deviation the character will have from her comics counterpart. 

Jameela Jamil spoke with Screen Rant at 2022 Comic-Con to discuss Titania and what fans can expect from the latest iteration. She stated, "We're telling a brand-new version of Titania, concocted in Jessica Gao's brain. It's very modern and fresh and silly and funny, but still with the throughline of Titania's insecurity being at the core of all of her issues with She-Hulk."

This may come as a disappointment to fans who were hoping for a more comic-accurate portrayal of the supervillain. But it does sound like they captured the essence of what makes her an intriguing character, and even though changes will be made, including to her costume, she should still be recognizable.