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The Funniest Moment Of Law & Order: SVU Season 15

For the most part, "Law & Order: SVU" is a very serious show. It pretty much has to be, given the main premise. But like most things in life, you need to balance out the sour with a little sweet once in a while. So now and again, the writers, actors, and showrunners will slip a little something in there to give fans a good giggle or two. They've even recruited professional comedians to help them out in past seasons. 

During Season 15, unfortunately, these laughs were a little harder to come by. Most of the subject matter in that season is so serious that at the time, Mariska Hargitay, who plays Olivia Benson, told HuffPost (via Joyful Heart Foundation) that the season premiere was one of the hardest things she'd ever filmed up to that point. At the same event, showrunner Warren Leight admitted that "I felt like with Season 15, I've got to do something to jolt the audience ... I felt like this show could not get taken for granted and I need to start the year off with a jolt." Regardless of all the jolts and difficulties, there were a few laughs to be had. And fans did chuckle a bit at a quick one-liner that happened later on in the season.

It happened when Fin quipped about a fake address being linked to a famous landmark

In Season 15, Episode 14, "Wednesday's Child," the detectives are on the hunt for a missing kid — but it isn't just any missing kid. It's a kid with diabetes who requires an insulin pump in order to live. It's also the middle of winter, which raises the stakes and shortens their window to possibly find him alive. During their search, detectives Fin Tutuola (Ice-T) and Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish) find out that the child, Nicky, was abandoned by his adoptive mother due to his behavioral problems and ended up with a questionably legal "child broker." At the broker's office, it's not long before the detectives learn that a new couple has since adopted Nicky. But when they look at the forged identification documents that Nicky's new parents left with the broker and Rollins reads the couple's address aloud, Fin grimly jokes that "I didn't know anyone lived at Yankee Stadium!" 

Fun fact: the address that the show used is, in fact, the correct address for Yankee Stadium. And as you may already know, the episode does have a relatively happy ending, despite the very serious subject matter. In this favorite "Law & Order: SVU" quotes thread on Reddit, it received an honorable mention from u/No_Introduction_1314, even though it was a bit lower down the list compared to other seasons. And in yet another thread about the show's best one-liners, it was "one of the few bright spots" in what was otherwise a very difficult episode, according to u/bohorose.