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The Funniest Moment Of Law & Order: SVU Season 11

Are serious shows that depict serious situations — like the special cases of assault and murder "Law & Order: SVU" features on a weekly basis — allowed to have funny episodes? Some may think it's in poor taste. Others may embrace the levity in order to feel relief against the oftentimes depressing subject matter. There have been several moments in SVU where the writers and actors did just that.

As far as narrowing it down to a single moment, well...that's where it gets tricky. What makes a moment the "funniest"? Is it dark humor, like what fans witnessed in Season 1 with Stabler and the unfortunate demise of his son's pet turtle? Is it when the show pokes fun at itself with the parody-of-our-own-show-within-the-show scene they did in Season 6? Both of those moments are great, but the show took a different approach during Season 11. In Episode 13, "P.C.," they left the comedy to the professionals — and it worked out really well!

SUV fans couldn't get enough of Kathy Griffin's #Lesbistrong performance

In this episode, Benson and Stabler team up with Kathy Griffin's character Babs Duffy, the abrasive and outspoken leader of a lesbian rights group who believes that a serial rapist and murderer is targeting women who refuse to sleep with men. The episode is full of snappy one-liners from Griffin, including her impromptu nickname for Stabler ("A**y McBigPants"). But the funniest moment that set the internet on fire took place when Babs and Bension were getting ready to go get some food, Babs pulled her in for a kiss. Benson was so surprised by the gesture that the first words out of her mouth were "Woah — that's not on the menu!"

On Twitter, the hilarity of the kiss was so profound that people were still talking about it in 2021. Even more recently than that, Reddit user ButterscotchPast4812 was agreeing with OliviaBenson_20 about how Griffin's experience as a professional comedian really helped make her character (and the episode itself) refreshingly funny. In another fan thread on Reddit, jillsgoodbye confessed to putting "'Lesbistrong' un-ironically on my instagram bio after watching this episode after my sister dared me to the other day. Haha," to which click_for_soul_belts respectfully requested she put the slogan on a T-shirt. Lesbistrong was the name of Babs' lesbian rights group, but it was yet another tongue-in-cheek play on words, given the homonym-esque nature of the portmanteau (lesbian + strong) and the supportive phrase "let's be strong."