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Parks And Recreation Fans Think This Is One Of The Best Leslie And Ben Scenes On The Whole Show

Over the years, several unexpected couples were introduced in the critically acclaimed series "Parks and Recreation." April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza) had Andy Dwyer (Chris Pratt), and Ann Perkins (Rashida Jones) ended up with Chris Traeger (Rob Lowe). But out of all the love connections the show presented to fans, the one that stands out as the most memorable has to be the love story between Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) and Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler). The two characters arguably have the best chemistry, and there are so many worthwhile memories they shared on-screen during their tenure as the first couple of the Emmy-nominated NBC series.

Ben arrived in Pawnee, Indiana, at a rough time in Leslie's life, and the two did not get along at first. With the town in financial trouble, Ben had to make decisions that didn't fly with Leslie. Eventually, the two became friends, and it didn't take long for that friendship to blossom into something more. The two had to keep their relationship a secret because of their work situation, and they both risked losing the jobs they love for their forbidden romance.

Eventually, the two would go on to get married and have children by the time the show officially ended. But before the credits rolled on the final entry, there were so many unforgettable moments between Pawnee's favorite couple, and some fans have decided which one stands out as the absolute best Ben and Leslie moment from "Parks and Recreation."

Leslie and Ben aren't very good at keeping secrets

In Season 3, Episode 16 ("Lil Sebastian"), showrunner Michael Schur and the series writers grappled with which character would meet their untimely demise in the season finale, and the titular miniature horse was the unfortunate candidate selected to kick the bucket. Of course, Leslie Knope is arranging the Pawnee icon's funeral when Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) reveals he knows about her secret relationship with Ben Wyatt. Leslie, shocked at the accusation, adorably tries to keep her forbidden love a secret by going as far as stating that she has never had sex anywhere and that Ron is actually the one sleeping with Ben. After several failed tries, Ben attempts to save Leslie only to realize his efforts are not very convincing.

u/PaiSho_RS posted a video of the hilarious interaction in the r/PandR community on Reddit and labeled it their favorite Ben and Leslie moment from the series. u/BlueK02 agreed with the post stating their affection for the hilarious scene, writing, "YES! I love when Leslie tries to pull something off even when there is zero percent chance of success." u/symphix praised the timing and performance of both actors, and u/BloonsBellman15089 commented on the magnificence of their facial expressions, which really helped the scene achieve greatness.

Fans really enjoy the performance and chemistry between Ben and Leslie, and based on the feedback from the post, this scene is a solid example of what makes the "Parks and Recreation" couple so great. Out of all the moments that helped earn them that coveted candidacy, some fans truly cherish the ill-fated cover-up attempt.

Amy Poehler and Adam Scott loved the relationship as much as the characters loved each other

It's not easy creating a couple that fans love to tune in to see every week, not to mention repeatedly rewatch years after it's canceled. The success of this popular "Parks and Recreation" relationship could only be achieved thanks to the efforts of both parties involved. But how did they make Ben and Leslie so great to watch? What made them so special?

Amy Poehler told TVLine she loved working with Adam Scott as much as she loved Ben Wyatt's character. She also described the Leslie and Ben romance as follows, quipping, "if that kind of stuff makes your lady-parts tingle, you're gonna be very excited with what's coming up."

Adam Scott talked to Uproxx about his thoughts on the TV couple, saying, "But yeah, I love that relationship, too, and I love Ben and Leslie. I think that these two, once they were together, they just had each other's back and were dedicated to one another." He said that Ben always loved supporting and cheering on his wife. He was her biggest fan and was so happy he was married to such an amazing woman. He concluded, "They were just two crazy kids who loved each other so much and weren't afraid to show it. And I think that's nice to see on a show."

It would seem the secret to success here revolves around their enthusiasm, passion, and admiration for each other's characters and the onscreen romance they shared. Together, they created an inspiring TV power couple with so many great "Parks and Recreation" memories fans can relive over and over again.