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The Tim Burton Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Since starting in Hollywood in the late 1980s, Tim Burton has amassed one of the most unique and original filmographies of any director working today. Just as impressive and far-ranging as his films are, Burton's many characters stand out in the imaginations of viewers and audience members across entire generations.

Many of his most memorable characters have gone on to achieve an almost iconic status in pop culture today, such as his wild-haired bio-exorcist Beetlejuice, his Frankenstein-esque Edward Scissorhands, or the Pumpkin King himself, Jack Skellington. Even Burton's most minor films boast strong central protagonists and side characters that capture viewers' attention, like the villainous Oogie Boogie or the eccentric detective Ichabod Crane.

Despite how unique and unforgettable Burton's characters are, it can be argued that some of those personalities directly tie into the traits and characteristics one might find in the zodiac. If you're wondering which Tim Burton character best embodies your specific astrological sign, read on below to find out.

Aries: Oogie Boogie

Aries are among the more free-spirited of the zodiac signs. Never content to listen to others, those born under the sign of Aries do what they want to do whenever it's convenient for them to do it. They are thrill-seekers that often go against the grain to maintain their independence. Due to their love of adventure, they tend to flaunt their personal freedoms, often failing to think before they act. They are spontaneous, unpredictable, and infinitely active, but can also be reckless to a fault. They're also infamously short-tempered, lashing out when they feel they've been slighted in some way, sharing this characteristic with the ram that symbolizes the Aries sign.

The main villain of "The Nightmare Before Christmas," Oogie Boogie is established as a social outcast living on the outskirts of Halloween Town. Rather than listening to the orders of Jack or the Mayor, he operates fully of his own volition, often satisfying his own impulses — a signature trait of an Aries. To Oogie Boogie, life is just a game that's meant to be fully enjoyed, with little time to let petty rules stand in the way. When Jack challenges Oogie in the second half of the film, trying to order him to release Santa, Oogie reacts negatively, challenging the Pumpkin King's rule over him. 

These are all key characteristics of an Aries sign — a sign that acts first, asks questions later, and enjoys pushing others' buttons just for the thrill of it.

Taurus: The Maitlands

There's a reason Taureans are often compared to moss. In no uncertain terms, they're homebodies who thrive in one place. They love routine and crave stability above all else. To them, a relaxing Friday night is sitting home instead of galavanting around town. They maintain strict schedules and absolutely hate when they're thrust into new, uncomfortable situations.

Knowing that, what better characters best align with the traits of a Taurean than the Maitlands, the deceased couple at the heart of "Beetlejuice." Happily married and living an isolated lifestyle in rural Connecticut, they are the type of couple who spend their vacation redecorating the house rather than traveling around and seeing the world. Even before the accident that leaves them unable to leave their home's premises, they seemed more than content to live out the remainder of their lives there — so long as they had each other.

Like the Maitlands, those born under the sign of Taurus love familiar settings, as they're able to better control environments they know rather than areas they're unfamiliar with. As is the case with Taureans, the Maitlands react badly to change, leading to their hiring of Betelgeuse in the first place, setting up the entire conflict of the film. Like Taureans, the Maitlands tend to be peaceful, thoughtful people who prefer avoiding conflict, but when pushed too far, they can become absolutely terrifying (as seen when they reshape their faces into horrifying disguises they hope will drive the Deetzes away).

Gemini: The Corpse Bride

The titular Corpse Bride is perhaps among the most sympathetic of Burton's characters. Meeting an early demise after a conman tricks and murders her for her personal possession, she nonetheless displays a generally cheerful, happy-go-lucky attitude despite her grim fate. Emboldened by her consistent childlike curiosity, she is forever asking questions and exploring new places, always ready to take part in new adventures.

Like the Corpse Bride, Geminis themselves tend to be extroverted and able to pick up knowledge surprisingly quickly. Not content to stay in one place for very long, they're always investigating new subjects and taking up new interests to occupy their time. Whether you like it or not, there's never a dull moment in the company of a Gemini, a sign that's able to read a room and act accordingly.

Thanks to their prevalent curiosity, Geminis can be a bit too nosey for their own good, probing deeply into subjects they perhaps shouldn't be looking into. They can be a bit impulsive and act more out of emotion rather than logic (something that actually led to the Corpse Bride's death in the first place). Also seen in the Corpse Bride is a Gemini's ultimate fear is being alone. As a result, they are forever seeking out new partners and companions to spend their time with, preferring the company of others rather than remaining on their own for too long a time — not unlike the Corpse Bride herself.

Cancer: Edward Scissorhands

Cancers are one of the more difficult astrological signs to accurately sum up. A water sign whose emotions seemingly flow in all different directions, they are often impossible to narrow down. For the most part, Cancers tend to be loving, caring, sensitive people with deep empathy for others. While some have difficulty getting a read on their feelings, Cancers are intrinsically in touch with their own emotions, knowing what they want and what they value first and foremost. They can be a bit overly sensitive and easily hurt when insulted, but their inner wisdom and emotional harmony allow them to deal with stressful roles or problems that others wouldn't be able to handle.

The main character of "Edward Scissorhands," the eponymous Edward is a quiet, eccentric young man artificially created in a lab. Living virtually his entire life in isolation, he has trouble identifying with others or blending in with his surroundings. However, he's also shown to be someone who deeply cares about other people, especially his surrogate family members and chief love interest — Winona Ryder's Kim Boggs.

Like Taureans, Cancers (and by extension Edward) love stability, disliking change or being shoved into new, unfamiliar settings. They wear their feelings on their sleeve, experiencing not just their own emotions but everyone else's as well. They are fiercely protective of their loved ones, defending them no matter the consequences — as seen when Edward kills Jim, fighting back against him only after Jim hits Kim.

Leo: Victor Frankenstein

Like the infamous mad scientist he's inspired by and parodying, Victor Frankenstein of "Frankenweenie" is an ingenious young inventor driven to his scientific experiments out of emotion. Possessing a key mind and superior intellect, Victor is the epitome of a Leo personality. A jack of all trades, he can speak at length about seemingly any subject matter, whether it comes to science, filmmaking, or any other topic that he holds the smallest bit of interest in. As Leos frequently let their emotions dictate their actions, Victor is also motivated by his own feelings rather than by logic — leading to his attempts to bring his dog, Sparky, back from the dead after an unfortunate accident.

Valuing their own independence above all else, Leos like to be the center of attention, thriving in front of a crowd. While Victor does somewhat share that characteristic — his entire class recognizes him as the smartest student in school — Victor doesn't necessarily enjoy being in the spotlight. He doesn't use his intelligence for praise or social recognition but rather to satiate his own avid interests and intellectual curiosity.

When it comes to their inner emotions, Leos tend to be very caring and giving people. They are loyal and protective of others, especially their loved ones, as seen with Victor's close relationship with Sparky — and are always ready to help out whenever possible.

Virgo: Jack Skellington

Virgos have an unfortunate reputation for being perfectionists. They want everything a certain way and hold things to intense scrutiny when it doesn't meet their impossibly high standards. They have emotional, borderline obsessive personalities that are curious and always looking for new hobbies and interests. Incredibly passionate, when they find a new subject that appeals to them, they hopelessly throw themselves into exploring it, committing themselves entirely.

As the Pumpkin King and star celebrity of Halloween Town, Jack Skellington is a creative but restless town resident who longs for something new and exciting in his life. Tired of doing the same thing year in and year out, his long-stagnated imagination becomes reinvigorated when he discovers Christmas. His infectious love for the holiday eventually causes him to lead the entire town to prepare for the holiday, even kidnapping Santa Claus to do so.

As is the case with most Virgos, Jack is a deeply emotional person prone to contemplation and meditation. When it comes to preparing for Christmas, he insists on getting as close to the real thing as possible. Like a true Virgo, Jack immediately finds faults with Christmas and seeks ways to improve it. Virgos are known for never acknowledging the positive sides of something but rather focusing on the negative aspects that need to be fixed. Wanting to feel useful, they always need projects to focus on, much like Jack focuses on Christmas after he grows bored with Halloween.

Libra: Sweeney Todd

Burton's films are populated by a number of characters that embody the chief characteristics of a Libran personality, the most notable example being Sweeney Todd, the vindictive barber and serial killer of Fleet Street seeking revenge for his unfortunate lot in life. A once common man who was falsely imprisoned and exiled from his home by a corrupt judge, Todd is driven by a sense of justice, targeting anyone who gets in his way of his vengeance.

Todd personifies many of the most obvious traits of a Libran. Symbolized by the scales, Librans are perhaps the most judicious of the signs, wanting balance, stability, and justice in life. They believe the world to be a lawful place, with everyone expected to follow the rules that make up everyday life. People who violate those rules are subject to punishment — if not by someone else's hands, then certainly by a Libran's. This trait can be seen in numerous instances throughout "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street," with Todd punishing everyone from the amoral judge who ruined his life to a rival barber falsely advertising a miracle tonic that doesn't work.

However, Todd also exhibits some of the more negative characteristics of a Libran. Like most Libras, they want life to go one way, and are easily addled when it goes another. As a result, they (like Todd) often have a chip on their shoulder, and are prone to arguments, stubbornness, and bouts of anger when something doesn't go their way.

Scorpio: Ichabod Crane

Methodical, intelligent, and intuitive, Scorpios base many of their decisions in life on logic more than anything else. Always keeping their emotions in check, they typically prefer reason in lieu of superstition, believing there's a scientific explanation behind everything. Such a description sums up the character of Ichabod Crane, the New York City police constable in "Sleepy Hollow" who arrives to investigate a series of brutal beheadings.

An early proponent of forensics analysis to detect criminal parties, Crane is a forward-thinking police officer who values what he sees rather than what he hears from the local population. Dismissing the residents of Sleepy Hollow who claim the perpetrator is a Headless Horseman, Crane initially tries to find logical explanations behind the town's murders in the first place. Never one to give up (as is the case with most Scorpios), he doesn't let his own personal fears get in the way of his investigation, staying in the town even after he discovers the Horseman is real.

Scorpios are inquisitive and often probe into unknown subjects, trying to find an explanation behind them. When assigned a task, they commit themselves to achieving it. Ideal detectives, they prefer to be the ones asking the questions rather than the other way around. For them, being in control of a situation means revealing as little emotion as possible. As a result, they can come across as somewhat standoffish, something that can be seen with Crane in the film.

Sagittarius: Edward Bloom

The main hero of "Big Fish," Edward Bloom is an adventurous man who embarks on numerous escapades throughout the film. Though he's introduced as an elderly man at the start of the movie, it's quickly established that he's lived a life that Forrest Gump would envy — traveling throughout the country and meeting all kinds of interesting characters along the way. Based on his desire to see as much of the world as possible, it's obvious right away that Bloom possesses all of the most notable qualities of a Sagittarian personality.

Valuing their personal freedom above all else, Sagittarians want to experience life to its fullest. To them, any event in life (either good or bad) is what makes it worth living. They want to experience everything — joy, adventure, heartbreak, heartache, and everything in between. As a result of their bold and curious nature, they are forever wandering, never content to remain in one place for too long. They dislike responsibilities, viewing them as something that can only hold them back, preventing them from enjoying life with carefree ease.

Edward exhibits all these qualities and more, making him the perfect example of a Sagittarian. Even when he is happy with a new situation or environment he finds himself in, he resolves to keep moving on, always looking at the horizon for the next big opportunity awaiting him.

Capricorn: Ed Wood

Capricorns are the busybodies of the zodiac. Hard workers who never tire, falter, or lose steam, they are the powerhouses of the world, working wholeheartedly to achieve their goals, believing nothing will fall into their laps by luck or chance alone. To them, life is like a game, full of winners and losers, where the only way to succeed is through work and perseverance. These characteristics can be most directly applied to Ed Wood, the B-movie director at the center of Burton's film, "Ed Wood."

A visionary director with a set image in his head of what he wants (to be the next Orson Welles), Wood spends all of his energy crafting his films and is involved in their production from the movies' early planning stages up to its editing. Though occasionally dejected by failures every now and again, Wood is quick to snap back to attention and get over his shortcomings, viewing them as minor setbacks to traipse over than as a permanent roadblock standing in his way.

Capricorns are known for thriving in positions of power, handling responsibilities well and remaining consistently productive. This can be reflected by Wood's directorial status but also through his sheer determination and unwavering work ethic. Never one to give in to self-pity, when a project of his fails, he immediately commits to the next one, never stopping to reflect on his failures and remaining ceaselessly hopeful about his next big project.

Aquarius: Betelgeuse

Aquarians are a standout sign that loves to go against the established order of things. Frequently seen as social outcasts, Aquarians wholeheartedly embrace their quirky lifestyles, viewing them as essential to their existence. If they made an effort to blend in, they'd become just like everybody else — another cog in the system rather than the unique, complex being they see themselves as. Aquarians don't want to blend in, viewing the norm as boring and unexciting. As a result, they're forever dedicated to living life on the fringes of society, happy to live as an unorthodox loner rather than as just another blank face.

Due to their disdain for the norm, Aquarians can come across as rebellious. They're always running little tests that push the envelope, viewing unpredictability as exciting and spontaneous — something to enjoy rather than to live in fear of. This quality can be best seen with Betelgeuse, the anarchic, chaotic bio-exorcist who agrees to help the Maitlands in "Beetlejuice." A charismatic, outgoing demon who isn't afraid to rub people the wrong way, Betelgeuse has his own way of doing things, contrasting greatly with more conventional specters like Juno.

Like Aquarians, Betelgeuse views life (or rather death, in his case) as full of infinite possibilities. Viewing his personal freedom as his ultimate possession, he is a creature always looking for opportunities and forever comfortable with change, making the best out of a bad situation, no matter what.

Pisces: Lydia Deetz

The most down-to-earth of the zodiac signs, Pisces live in the world between worlds, divided between their imagination and the world of reality that often intrudes. As the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces have taken in and absorbed every previous lesson learned from the prior astrological signs. As a result, they are wiser and more in tune with their feelings and emotions, viewing the material world as trivial and operating on an almost higher plane of existence.

In many ways, Lydia, the only daughter of the quirky Deetz family in "Beetlejuice," is a classic example of a Pisces sign. A kind, caring person, she is also the only person who can see the ghosts of the Maitlands in the house, something that's explained as being possible because Lydia herself is "strange and unusual." 

This is keeping in line with the traits of a Pisces — a sign that transcends the physical world, seeing things in a more illusory light. While others might balk at the unknown, Pisces signs delve fully into it, seeking higher knowledge and understanding. These qualities are all demonstrated in Lydia's character, as her preoccupation with the grim and supernatural is pure evidence of this trait.