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We Do Resident Evil Better Than Netflix

Resident Evil might be one of the biggest franchises out there, between movies, and video games, and the Netflix TV show, and sure, it's got millions of fervent fans and followers who will show up any time there's new Resident Evil content. After its release on Playstation in 1998, this horrifying franchise grew bigger and bigger with each subsequent installment, and when the first film hit theaters in 2002, Resident Evil seemed unstoppable.

However, as it turns out, Resident Evil is also... totally ridiculous. First of all, it's just a cops and robbers story, except that the cops are usually zombies and the robbers are cops, if you want to really break it down. Plus, there's creepy zombie dogs, giant babies, and also a giant vampire lady that, apparently, half the Internet is, uh, really into. Thankfully, Okay, So Basically is here on both SnapChat and YouTube to explain the ridiculousness of Resident Evil and help you realize it's kind of just the exact same thing over and over again.

Beyond Resident Evil, Okay, So Basically explains lots of stuff on YouTube and SnapChat, including seemingly evil characters like Morbius the Living Vampire or "good" characters you didn't know are kind of evil like Albus Dumbledore. As for Resident Evil, fans can choose between the video games, the movie series, or the original Netflix show, which is streaming now.