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The Wheel Of Time: Origins Will Have New Episodes In August

Amazon has already taken over much of the market places of the world, but they also have their sights on dominating the world of high fantasy, as illustrated by their adaptations of "The Wheel of Time" and the upcoming "Lord of the Rings" television series. "The Wheel of Time" is a long-running literary world that was originally crafted by Robert Jordan, and it is about vast cosmic forces that touch the lives of all humans, powerful mages, and a prophecy involving a being known as "The Dark One" that uses its influence to ensnare the powerful, the corrupt, and the evil to break free of its confinement.

Although most people may know of "The Wheel of Time" from the live-action iteration, which was just renewed for Season 3, there have been six animated episodes under the banner of "The Wheel of Time: Origins." This has somewhat of an anthology format, and it helps craft the background story of the colorful and dynamic world. These episodes became available in late November 2021, and the first is about the corruption of male spellcasters brought on by the machinations of The Dark One. The 2nd episode, meanwhile, deals with a king who is forced to do battle with dark forces to just give a sense of what the series is all about. It seems, though, that fans of Amazon's "The Wheel of Time" will soon have some new episodes of "The Wheel of Time: Origins" to consume.

The trailer for The Wheel of Time: Origins is beautifully animated and promises new episodes

Taking to Twitter to make the announcement, the official "Wheel of Time" account posted a short video of what fans might expect from the new episodes of "The Wheel of Time: Origins." The trailer starts off with a voice-over and a scene of two people gazing across a ruined and desiccated landscape where the husks of buildings are seen in the distance. A serpent is then seen cresting the surface of the water, and a vast cathedral-like interior is displayed, as well as a legion of soldiers and two people standing around an altar that holds a baby. Images of a blood-thirsty evil creature, as well as the skeletal remains of humans and a snowy rampart, make up the end of this uniquely animated trailer. It certainly is a lot to take in over less than a minute, but it certainly promises to expand the history for hardcore "Wheel of Time" aficionados, as well as those whose experience with the franchise may have started with the Amazon shows.

Unfortunately, we do not have an exact date as of yet for the next season of "The Wheel of Time: Origins," nor how many episodes we may be able to expect, but at least we know that it will be sometime next month. Hopefully, this new season will continue to flesh out the robust and far-reaching history and lore of Robert Jordan's fictional and fantastical world.