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National Treasure: Edge Of History Gets A First Teaser

When it comes to adventure movies of the last few decades, there are a few that instantly come to mind: "Indiana Jones," "Lara Croft," and "National Treasure." The latter stars Nicolas Cage as Benjamin Gates as he uncovers a mystery involving the Declaration of Independence. And as Disney+ continues to revisit some of the studio's classic franchises, it's time to return to that world with a brand new cast and an intriguing new quest. The studio has already figured out that legacy sequels and revivals are a great way of grabbing the audience's attention.

"National Treasure: Edge of History" follows Jess (Lisette Alexis), who is thrust into a mystery when she discovers a surprising truth about her family as she hunts a "Pan-American treasure" (via Empire Magazine). The star will be joined by Zuri Reed as Jess' best friend Tasha, Antonio Cipriano as conspiracy theorist Oren, and Jake Austin Walker as a struggling musician. Meanwhile, Catherine Zeta-Jones is onboard as the show's villain, a billionaire treasure hunter called Billie.

Don't worry, there's a few returning characters from the original franchise too, with Hollywood legend Harvey Keitel reprising his role as Special Agent Sandusky, and "The Hangover" alum Justin Bartha as Riley Poole.

"Edge of History" is set to arrive on Disney+ at some point in the near future, although the streamer hasn't confirmed a release date for the series. However, the first teaser trailer arrived at San Diego Comic-Con, and it gives audiences a brief glimpse of what's to come.

Lisette Alexis is on the hunt

Although the first footage from "National Treasure: Edge of History" has finally debuted, it doesn't reveal too much of what to expect from the new series. The 18-second-long clip sees Lisette Alexis' Jess walking up to a pinboard of maps, notes, and photographs of various artifacts, before turning to the camera with a smirk. Disney is clearly keeping the story under wraps for now, but it's clear that Jess is going to be taking her investigation very seriously.

The biggest question fans will have is whether Nicolas Cage will reprise his role as Benjamin Gates from the movies. When the third film was still in development in 2020, Jerry Bruckheimer told Collider that he wanted the whole cast to return for the planned third film. But the film has since been scrapped in favor of this new series. It's not impossible that Cage could return for a cameo appearance since they were attempting to get him back to the role anyway.

Disney has already weaponized nostalgic cameos in the Marvel and "Star Wars" shows, so they could easily do it with "National Treasure." Writers Cormac and Marianne Wibberley told Deadline they'd jump at the chance to see Cage return, saying, "We're going to beg and plead and whatever. We'll have him in two seconds. He's our favorite actor out of everyone. We pitched him as Ben Gates before he was Ben Gates. He was our first choice." Hopefully, Cage comes back, even if it's just for one episode.